Philippines Leads 2017 Worldwide Ranking on Spending Most Time on Adult Site Pornhub


Do Filipinos really love porn, or is the internet just too slow that each video takes too much time to load?

Porn is a way of expressing your sexual desires in a simple way.  It allows people to explore fantasies that are hard or impossible to experience in reality.  While most people prefer partner sex, this takes a lot of work and people aren’t always up for that. However, as watching porn is perceived to be something immoral or forbidden, it is something a person should never be proud of doing.

Many Filipinos are proud of their fellow-countrymen who have exceeded expectations in their chosen field of work. “Filipino pride” is something many people see every day on social media. Filipinos were very proud when they were crowned the “friendliest” country in the world. However, this latest “ranking” has left many Filipinos shrinking away in shame.

A survey conducted by Pornhub showed that for the third year running, Filipinos had spent more time, per visit, on Pornhub than any other nation. In January of 2017, they conducted a survey based on the site’s traffic, and ranked every country based on their time spend on the said adult site.

The Philippines averaged more time per visit than any other country, spending an average of 13 minutes and 28 seconds on site. The average worldwide rose 23 seconds to nine minutes and 59 seconds. The U.S. (which led all countries in traffic) was third overall, with 10 minutes and 33 seconds on site.

This prompted the Philippine government to start a crackdown on these adult sites. Pornhub, Xvideos, Redtube and several other sites were forbidden on PCs, laptops and mobile phones. Users were redirected to a page notifying them of such a ban.

The Deputy Commissioner of the Philippines National Telecommunications Commission, Edgardo Cabarios, told CNN they had ordered all the country’s top Internet service providers to block access to adult sites.

Customers of two of the main ISPs, Smart and Sun Cellular, confirmed to the BBC they were blocked.

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