Honest 10-year-old Girl Returns ‘Ampao’ Containing P10,000 She Found in a Supermarket


She noticed the envelope on top of the counter and saw P10,000 inside when she took it.

If you see a person dropping a valuable item like a phone or money without noticing it, what would you do? Would you return money that isn’t yours to begin with? What if nobody noticed you took the money—would you still be honest enough to return it? Many people would say ‘Yes’, but in reality, a lot of people would take what isn’t theirs.

Filipinos are known to be friendly and very hospitable, making more and more tourists come to the said country. However, there have been news regarding how tourists are robbed and mistreated by local criminals and delinquents. How true is this? Are Filipinos really dishonest? This 10-year-old girl proves that many Filipinos are still very honest.

On January 10, 2018, 10-year-old Arabella was shopping at Puregold Sta. Mesa with her father when she noticed a red envelope on top of the counter. She took it and noticed that it was thick and had money inside. She showed it to her father, who was surprised at the find. However, both father and daughter never intended to take what isn’t theirs.

Ara’s father, Almar Marcelino, told her to go to the customer service section to return the money. Upon reaching customer service, they came across lola Carmelita Zafra, who was obviously in a panic about something. Apparently, she had lost the said envelope which had P10,000 in it. It was given by daughter as payment for realty tax.

Almar said: “[Ara] was looking for candies and chocolates on the counter when she noticed the red envelope. She came to me and said, ‘papa, there’s money.’ I saw it was thick and had a lot of money inside. I told her we should return it to the customer service counter.”

Lola Carmelita Zafra was very thankful and was also touched by the father-daughter gesture. She believes the father deserves praise too, as he obviously didn’t have interest in what wasn’t his. Lola Carmelita decided to give the young girl P500 for her school supplies, and as a reward for her honesty.

Lola Carmelita said: “Parents are the ones who mold their children. I admire the father for having no interest in the money.”

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