Woman Dies of Liver Cancer After She Went to the Hospital Thinking She Was Pregnant


Her parents simply thought she was pregnant as her stomach was bloated and had missed her period.

When you notice something different about your body or feel pain in parts you’ve never experienced before, it is always best to give your doctor a visit. 23-year-old Xiao Jia belly began bloating after she experienced abdominal pains, but she simply thought she was pregnant when she missed her period.

It all started when she was able to enroll at her dream university and began studying hard. she would stay up late and study diligently, hoping to get her family out of their poor state after she finishes her studies and land a good-paying job. However, her hard work took a toll on her body.

She began having severe abdominal pains that would keep her up at night. Her stomach was noticeably growing as well, prompting her schoolmates to think she was pregnant. she first brushed it off, thinking it was the common cold.


However, when the pains she felt peaked, they decided to have her checked up by a doctor. After a careful diagnosis, the doctor found that Xiao Jia was not pregnant. Her belly became swollen and the severe abdominal pain she had were due to abnormal build-up fluid in her abdomen. Unfortunately, the fluid was not the main reason of her excruciating pain. It was liver cancer—and it was in its fourth stage.

In just three months, Jia’s health deteriorated. And one night at around 7 pm in the evening, her family called for an ambulance. Sadly, Jia was already dead when they arrived. Her pupils no longer react to light and the electrocardiogram machine showed a straight line.

“Doctor! Please, I beg you to save my daughter’s life, please!” The patient’s mother was very sad and heartbroken.

Seeing the patient’s mother was terribly sad over her daughter’s sudden death, the doctor was reluctant to reveal the bitter truth but he had to. “There were no vital signs when I arrived and there is no need to perform any emergency rescue at all. I am sorry, but it’s too late.”

Jia’s heartbreaking death has served as a warning to many people. Apparently, the liver can be damaged when people stay up too late. The liver heals during sleep, and deprivation of sleep deprives the liver of it’s time to heal as well. Doctors and health experts always advise that it is important to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, drink enough water and do sufficient exercise to live a healthy lifestyle.

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