Online Seller Travelled 500 Miles to Beat Up Customer Who Gave His Online Shop a Bad Review


The seller apparently traveled a day and night from east to southern China to seek revenge.

A lot of merchandise can be sold online nowadays. Shopping is made easy as more and more shopping and selling sites are put up for the convenience of many customers. With just one click, you can avail all the things you need—and want.

Another option when buying online is that you can get an item for the lowest possible price, especially with a lot of potential merchants selling the same item. On the other hand, sellers have to build a good reputation to get more customers and make good money.

Since customers are allowed to give their feedbacks regarding online shop services, these feedbacks are extremely important and could either positively or negatively impact online businesses.

A customer from Southern China named Xiao Die purchased 300 yuan (£34) worth of clothes on December 20 from Alibaba’s Taobao, a Chinese online shopping platform, and noticed the order has not been dispatched after three days. She made a complaint and gave a negative feedback towards the shop owner.

She then began receiving threats and phone calls from a person giving her warnings. She received a message stating ‘I can destroy you’ on December 23, shortly after she filed a complaint to Taobao. She also received an anonymous call from Suzhou in east China, claiming himself to be a seller.

On December 27, a man was seen attacking Xiao at a delivery pickup point in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. She was hit in the face, body and pushed onto the floor by the man, and suffered a concussion.

Xiao Die believed the man to be Zhang, the online shop owner who has been sending harassing messages to her. Apparently, the Zhang claimed to have traveled day and night just to get his hands on her. It was later proven that she was beaten into a concussion by the seller after she complained to an e-commerce site that her purchase had not arrived. Zhang claimed he had traveled a day and night to teach the woman a lesson.

Xiao Die suffered a concussion, fractures in her left elbow and light injuries over her face and body after the attack. Police wouldn’t comment on the attack but they confirmed officers were investigating.

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