OFW Allegedly Committed Suicide But Family Becomes Doubtful Because She Is Missing Eyes, Tongue and Internal Organs


KUWAIT CITY – Every year, more Filipinos are going out of the country to work as jobs there offer more salary compared to the jobs in the Philippines. Sad to say, not all OFWs succeed in their venture abroad, some even end up dead as they go back to their families in the Philippines.

Liezl Hukdong is one of the unfortunate cases of OFWs who allegedly committed suicide. Liezl went to Hong Kong with another relative on Dec. 17, 2016. Everything was well with Liezl as they have constant communication with her through social media.

However, just last Nov. 2017, her relatives got alarmed because Liezl deactivated her social media account. She was also out of reach for a while. Her family in the Philippines tried to contact her through the relative that accompanied her abroad. The only answer that they got was, ‘she’s ok’.

Papers from Facebook Post 

December 19, 2017, two days after her first anniversary as an OFW, her family in the Philippines received a call that Liezl committed suicide. Her family couldn’t believe the sad news.

The relative who went with her in Kuwait couldn’t give her any firm response. Just then, they asked the help of OWWA, together with her agency in the Philippines.

Liezl’s remains reached home on January 5, 2018, but another shocking thing was discovered by her family.

Liezl was in a very pitiful condition. Her internal organs including brain, kidney, lungs, as well as eyes and tongue, were all missing. Physically, a huge slice can be seen from her chin down to her belly can be seen. To make it look like her internal organs were intact, she was stuffed with pieces of cloth.

Moreover, a clear indication that Liezl was maltreated were the bruises all over her body.

Liezl’s story was first posted by her niece on Facebook. At the end of her story, her niece demanded the explanation on what had happened to her aunt Liezl.

There were also clear signs of anomalies in the document and death certificate of Liezl.

Different mistakes can be seen in the document and paperwork which was sent together with Liezl’s remains.

In another document, no signature and seal were also seen, an indication that it might be fabricated.

The family demands a further investigation on Liezl’s case. via Facebook Post

Source: kwentongofw.com