OFW Sister Killed Because Of Remittance Issues


OFW sister was found dead inside her room in Zamboanga City last January 4. The victim was allegedly killed by her brother-in-law.

Zamboanga police arrested the husband of her sister, as the main suspect in the murder.

As stated by the local police, the sister of the OFW working Malaysia had a rift with her brother-in-law over the cash remittances. The OFW believed that her husband is addicted to drugs, prompting her to send the remittance for her children to her sister.

But her husband didn’t like that idea.

He started to send alarming text messages to his wife in Malaysia, threatening to assault her sibling.

By the next day, the sister of the OFW was found lifeless right in her bedroom.

According to the initial investigation, the suspect used a 9mm gun to kill the victim and the gun was even recovered in his possesion

Source: kwentongofw.com