2 Filipino Seamen Injured in Bermuda After Wave Hit Their Vessel


Two Filipino seamen got injured after their ship was hit by a rogue wave, causing them to fall from the vessel.

According to a report on Royal Gazette, the two were rushed to the hospital in Bermuda for immediate treatment.

The two sailors whose identity remained unknown were taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital from their car carrier Pegasus Highway into the Ordinance Island in St. George’s last January 6.

It is said that the two Filipino accidentally fell into the waters when a rogue wave hit their carrier during an inspection.

“Vessel was hit by a rogue wave during cargo inspections resulting in both crew members falling, one suffering lacerations to the face, and the other with head, hand and leg injuries,” says a Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson.

The two men undergone an emergency aid while onboard their vessel as they are still “420 miles east of Chesapeake Bay, unable to return to the USA due to continuing bad weather.”

Normal operations of Pegasus Highway took place after a pilot boat had the two Filipinos taken off-board.


Source: kwentongofw.com