Syrian Man’s Complaint Backfires after He Went to Raffy Tulfo about Filipina Ex-Girlfriend


The Syrian man claimed that his ex-girlfriend has been harassing him and his current girlfriend—a Filipina as well—but the OFW claims that the Syrian man used her.

In the Philippines, TV and Radio personality Raffy Tulfo is known to be the “savior of OFWs” as he had helped numerous OFWs who have approached him and asked for help. However, on his January 18 show, Tulfo was shocked when a foreigner approached him to complain instead. According to Ghaith Nakchabandi, his ex-girlfriend has been harassing him and his current girlfriend and hopes that it would stop soon.

Ghaith said: “Stop harassing me. Anong gusto nila because in the way, we came together. Close. Anyway, I am a man and I made a mistake because I have my lovely girlfriend.” [sic]

However, the woman in question, May Pliquet, was instantly angered when Tulfo called her to air Ghaith’s grievances. According to her, she was the victim, and Ghaith used her for several reasons. To make things clear, she asked if she could come to the station and talk face-to-face with the couple with Tulfo as the mediator.

As soon as she arrived at the station, May verbally attacked the couple and almost physically attacked them but the staff were able to stop her. According to her, Ghaith fooled her into believing that she was the only one while everything she gave him, he gave to his girlfriend, Merissa, who sat beside Ghaith at the station.


Aside from that, May also claimed that Ghaith used her to “recruit” OFW applicants even in Marawi. May added that Ghaith used to call her a “prostitute” when she was a hardworking OFW. “Paano ako nagging prostitute eh OFW ako sa Saudi Arabia at Qatar, hindi ako pinulot sa kung saansaan (How am I a prostitute when I worked as an OFW in Saudia Arabia and Qatar? I wasn’t picked up from just anywhere.),” the enraged May quipped.

Merissa, on the other hand, claimed that she has been together with Ghaith for three years already, and he has always been loyal to her. However, May claims that she isn’t the only woman Ghaith played with. According to her, a certain “Joy” and another woman was a victim as well. Watch the entire episode below:

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