OFWS: Make Sure These Things Are Mentioned In Your Overseas Employment Contract


For OFWs, your overseas employment contract is considered as your offsite protection. It is the most important document that an OFW could have. It’s the proof of your agreement on the job’s terms and conditions.

Every employment contract needs to be approved by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). This move is to ensure that the rights of every OFW is protected according to the law.

It is very important to understand the right things outlined in your employment contract to prevent all sort of abuse in your workplace.

Before signing your employment contract, check these things;

  1. Name and Address of Employer/Company
  2. Job position and worksite
  3. Basic Salary including allowances, benefits and its mode of payment
  4. Contract Duration
  5. Food and Accommodation
  6. Transportation allowance
  7. Work Schedule including rest days
  8. Overtime Pay Rate
  9. Vacation & Sick Leaves
  10. Free Emergency Medical & Dental Treatments
  11. Compensation in case of work-related disablement/injury
  12. Terms For Repatriation of Remains and Personal Belongings
  13. Terms For Termination of Contract
  14. Settlement of Dispute

Once your overseas employment contract have these kinds of information, you can be sure that you are protected from all sorts of abuse.


Source: kwentongofw.com