4 original SourceFed hosts reunite as the Valleyfolk




SourceFed is back… sort of. Four of the news/commentary/comedy channel’s original hosts—Elliott Morgan, Joe Bereta, Lee Newton, and Steve Zaragoza—have reunited to launch a new venture called the Valleyfolk, which looks as if it will be a spiritual successor to SourceFed.

Beginning in 2012, Morgan, Bereta, Newton, and Zaragoza began hosting cheeky, bite-sized videos, which often broke down strange or outlandish stories from the news. Thanks in part to their shared charisma and chemistry, SourceFed flourished and became one of YouTube’s best channels. Such success proved fleeting. Morgan and Bereta left the channel in 2014, and Newton said goodbye in 2015, among other departures. The resulting high rate of turnover contributed to SourceFed’s cancelation in March 2017.

Less than a year after that door closed, another has opened. Morgan, Bereta, Newton, and Zaragoza are starting anew in hopes of providing fans with the same silliness and irreverence they brought to their SourceFed work. “At the end of the day,” Newton said in an introductory video, “we’re just making stuff for you.”

In order to fund the next stage of their collaboration, which will include both a YouTube channel and a podcast, the four co-hosts have opened up shop on Patreon. In just a few hours, nearly 2,000 people have already become their patrons. Should the Valleyfolk prove to be a smashing success, its founders have plans that could extend far beyond the internet. Bereta cited “standup specials, television shows, [and] movie pitches” as areas he and his fellows could explore. He put it simply: “We want to become a comedy production powerhouse.”

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The announcement video seized YouTube on Tuesday, becoming a trending clip. Watch it below:

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