Angry OFW Shares Her Experience On How AIM GLOBAL Really Works


AIM Global is an MLM-Network Marketing company that first operated in the Philippines. But because of their aggressive and loyal members, the company started to spread out throughout the world, particularly by the help of OFWs. They are the exclusive distributor of nutritional supplements that are manufactured by Nature’s Way.

There are a lot of success stories of AIM Members that can be quite inspiring especially new members. However, if you dig deeper, you will realize that there are so much more to know about this controversial networking company.

Joy Solitana shared in her Facebook account her closed encounter with the members of AIM Global, particularly a certain Froilan Anthony Francisco.

Sorry for all my friends regarding aim global members I’m not saying this in general, this video is intended only to one…

Posted by Joy Solitana on Friday, January 5, 2018

According to her, she just asked a member the exact income after inviting 130 people to join the company. However, the she questioned couldn’t give her the details she asked and a certain Froilan interrupted their conversation stating that because of privacy, the member cannot just easily expose her earnings.

That’s when Solitana burst into anger. She was so mad that she exposed every nasty thing behind this so-called ‘millionaire’s group’.

According to her, AIM Global recruiters mostly target poor domestic helpers in Middle East, promising millions of peso just in a short span of time.

“Mayroon pa kayong strategy na 7 heads. Alam nyo anong 7 heads? Times 7. Kasi wala kang ma invite na magpa-member sayo, kaya yung sarili mo, pitong beses mong ipa member. Yun yung 7 heads. Six thousand times 7, magkano na yun. Sinong tinatarget ninyo. P*tang Ina nyo! Sinong tinatarget nyo, alam nyo kung sino? Yung mga kawawang domestic helpers sa Middle East. Magkano ang kinikita nila roon? Minsan wala pang P20,000. Hindi na kayo naawa?”

Solita also thinks that no OFW ever became a millionaire just by joining AIM GLOBAL.

Because of so much anger after Froilan said that she will die poor because she’s closed minded, she showed her personal collections of expensive bags, jewelries and clothings.

Solitana also challenged Froilan for a meet up this coming June as she comes home for a vacation.

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