This video on how an 18th-century woman dressed is ludicrously complicated



If you ever wondered how complicated it was for a woman to get dressed in the 18th century, this YouTube video from the CrowsEyeProductions channel shows us in exquisite detail. In five words: it is complicated as hell.

Apparently, a working woman in the 1700s had to deal with all kinds of shifts and stays and petticoats so she could leave her tiny, heartless bedroom and get ready for a day without TV and the internet. And it seemingly takes forever to get dressed.

Naturally, some of the YouTube comments were nearly as entertaining as the video.

From LenoraMars: “Soon as I think she done getting dressed she adds another piece of clothing.”

From lasgsd1: “If this was REALLY the 18th century she would not have clean shaven legs!”

From lsagail: “Goodness. How do people get freaky back in those days huh? That’s a lotta layers! I’ve be exhausted by the time I reach the stays.”

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From BrittKatSlat: “The amount of shit she tied around her waist made me absolutely crazy.”

But for anybody who enjoyed the video, here’s another piece of good news: The YouTube channel said it’s also been commissioned to create a piece on how 18th-century men got dressed. That likely will also feature knee-high stockings.

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