German Teen Cuts off Ties with Her Family to be With Her Older Lover 33 Years Her Senior


Her family didn’t want them to be together, prompting the teen to cut off ties with her family to be with her older lover.

They say that the secret to a healthy, long-lasting relationship is to accept each other’s flaws. However, this couple’s love for each other has raised eyebrows as it was something that isn’t widely accepted around the world. When it comes to love and relationships, there is a saying that goes: “age doesn’t matter”—but this couple took that saying to the extremes.

19-year-old Selma Teichmann says she worked together with 52-year-old Maik Lier, before the latter “friended” her on Facebook. They started talking to each other often, until their friendship blossomed into a passionate love.

Selma explains: ‘For Maik it was love at first sight and after a few days, he sent me a friend request on Facebook. Then he started writing to me.’

She adds: ‘At the beginning I didn’t answer a lot of his emails. He was very stubborn and continued writing to me every day.

Step by step, I opened up to him and we wrote messages about anything and everything.’ After three months of writing to each other, they met up again in person and have now been inseparable for a year, despite strong disapproval from her family.

After keeping it from her relatives for six months, Selma revealed the age of her boyfriend to family – and they’ve barely spoken to her since. She says the romantic correspondence saw her gradually fall in love with him, something which she tried to deny at first.

‘I hid my feelings, because I wouldn’t admit it to myself.

‘After three months only writing, we met each other. From this day on, we knew that we belong together.

She says their love is born out of many creative interests:  ‘We speak the same language and have similar interests, such as music and drawing.

‘We thought about this huge age gap in the beginning, but for both of us, it was no problem. Our feelings were stronger.’

But as the relationship with the 52-year-old has developed and grown during the time they were together, the connection with her family has grown apart more. As a matter of fact, Selma’s family tried to separate the couple several times, but they insist that what they have is love and promises to prove it to them.

‘For half a year we hid our relationship, as my mother suspected more behind the relationship between Maik and I, so I talked to her,’ she said.


‘Since this point, our family connection is problematic. Currently I live with Maik, because they don’t accept our relationship and try to keep us apart.

‘Maik has no contact with his family. His best friend and my friends accept and tolerate our relationship.

‘The incomprehension of my family is the most difficult thing for us; they don’t accept Maik and this has destroyed the contact between them and me.’

Selma and Maik still hope that her family accepts them soon, but they say they have no intention of breaking up.

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