An Old Couple and Their Dog Lived in This Sewer for 22 Years and They Call it ‘Home’


The Colombian man has carved out a place for himself in the murky underworld of Medellin, together with his wife and their dog.

Powerful nuisance odors from sewage and wastewater treatment facilities are a worldwide problem. Vomit, burnt matches, canned corn, musty odors, fecal matter, rotten eggs—all of these scents have been reported in areas near sewage treatment plants, and because of this, not many people want to live near open manholes or sewage treatment facilities. And yes, there almost none who want to live “inside” these smelly places.

However, one couple proved that though homelessness has forced people to live in the vilest of places, it is still their “home”. Miguel Restrepo has lived in an abandoned sewer with his wife and their dog for 22 years, and what they have done to renovate it in those years is just unbelievable.

Miguel’s wife Maria Garcia put up a stove, a fan, and even a bed in the abandoned sewer. They even placed a television for them not to get bored. The inhabitable sewer that is only three meters wide by two meters deep and 1.4 meters high, became the couple’s shelter and a place to go home to for two decades.

Restrepo and his wife are homeless people in Medellin in Columbia. Although the local government could force them out of the sewer at any moment, they still chose to stay where they are. According to reports, Restrepo was a former drug addict and lost everything to drugs.

Medellin is known as the second largest city in Columbia with more than 2.7 residents. Aside from that, Medellin is also known for being the namesake of the famous drug cartel.

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