Car Literally Gets ‘Trashed’ After Parking in a Designated Area for Garbage


When visiting neighboring cities, every person—may they be locals or tourists—should always abide by the city’s rules as a sign of respect.

Baguio City, the Philippines’ Summer Capital is once again packed with tourists as the holidays are about to end. Though tourism has brought prosperity to the city, the damage brought about by disrespectful tourists has tainted the city’s “clean and green” environment. One of the worst things tourist can ever do is to throw away garbage just anywhere without realizing how street sweepers would have to work overtime just to clean their trash.

Aside from the mountains of garbage thrown everywhere and anywhere, hundreds of additional vehicles add to the traffic, especially when there are motorists who park anywhere, including prohibited areas. A car parked at East Quirino Hill despite seeing a signage that said “No Parking.”

Apparently, the said area was the designated garbage dumping is for the barangay, and it was definitely not for parking. When locals were about to throw their garbage, they suddenly had no space to place their garbage as the car covered the area. To teach the car owner a lesson, locals threw garbage over and around the car.

However, the barangay captiain, Eric Ueda, claimed that no one urged or encouraged locals to throw garbage over and around the car. “Hindi namin ini-encourage ‘yong mga tao na tambakan ng basurayong mga sasakyan na naka-park sa designated garbage collection area, but we prohibit yung mga sasakyan na mag-park doon (We didn’t encourage people to throw their garbage at the cars parked in the area),” Ueda said.

Ueda added that the car owner also admitted that s/he was in the wrong, and would accept criticism and punishment if there were any.

Another similar incident happened in Camp 8 of the same city, where a car parked right in front of the signage saying “No Parking” as it was a designated garbage dump. The said car, a beetle, received the same fate and was covered in trash done by locals who felt the tourists were being disrespectful.

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