38-Year-Old OFW Almost Gets Caught for Working Part-Time in Hong Kong


A 38-year-old Pinay OFW working in Hong Kong had accepted a part-time job to clean a Chinese man’s flat as requested by a fellow Pinay.  Though she knew it was prohibited, she trusted her fellow “kababayan” and looked at it as an opportunity for additional income.

Lenglui, a married Filipina with one child had been working as an OFW domestic helper for Chinese employers in Hong Kong for 3 years.

On December 3, per her fellow Pinay’s request, she accepted a part-time job to clean the house of a Chinese man who lives in Kennedy Town.

According to Lenglui, she was fetched by her part-time employer at the MTR station.  She was then brought to the Chinese man’s flat and was given with instructions as to how she would clean his flat.  Shortly, the employer hurriedly left her saying he had a breakfast meeting

Thirty minutes after, the Chinese texted Lenglui and informed her that he was about to go back to get something which he forgot. But before the Chinese was even able to reach home, Lenglui had noticed an ID hanging on the wall where she saw that the man was an Immigration officer.

The OFW then hurried home and left the Chinese’s flat.  However, she informed him though a text message that she was aware that part-time jobs are prohibited in Hong Kong and assured him that she will not do the same again.

Lenglui confessed to be so nervous at that time.  In fact, she immediately deleted all their previous messages and turned off her mobile phone. She was also unable to sleep and eat enough for being so worried.

She narrated that she looked for the Pinay who had recommended her to the Chinese man for a part-time job but she cannot find her anymore.  She even went to the boarding house but the Pinay was no longer there.  Shortly, she realized that the Pinay had intended to put her in such situation so that authorities will discover that she had been working for another employer.

Lenglui claimed she wanted to share her story to remind other OFWs not to engage in illegal activities like working part-time.  She also appealed to her fellow OFWs not to easily trust anybody.

Part-time jobs are strictly prohibited in Hong Kong.

Source: kwentongofw.com