Woman Gives back to the Poor Woman Who Raised Her after she was abandoned as a Baby


The woman barely had food to feed herself, but she worked hard to send her daughter to school and mold her into a great person.

While some women could only dream of becoming a mother, there are heartless people who choose to throw away their children because they suddenly felt that parenting is not for them. Some mothers who abandoned their children claim that they could no longer support and raise their children because of poverty—but that does not excuse them from committing crimes against these helpless babies.

But when a 49-year-old woman from Anqing, China, found a newborn baby abandoned by her parents, she knew she was the luckiest person as she didn’t have any children. Unfortunately, the woman was so poor that she barely had food for herself. She also couldn’t afford to buy milk for the baby, prompting her to feed the baby with porridge instead.

The woman lost her husband when the girl was just four years old, making it harder for the woman to raise her. Nevertheless, the woman worked hard and the little girl grew into a beautiful woman. Apparently, the woman would sell vegetables and collect recyclable waste in order to raise her daughter and pay for her schooling.

Today, the abandoned baby became successful and is now happily married with a family of her own. But she never forgot what her foster mom did for her.

“When I was a child, my mother took a good care of me. Now, it is time for to take a good care of her. This is my duty as a child,” the woman said.

While her mother raised her, their house was a mere small hut. Now, she wanted to repay her 74-year-old foster mother’s kindness by building a two-storey bungalow, as the daughter believes their old house was already in a terrible condition to live in.

Her mother could only dream of a big house before, but the daughter she raised made it all come true. The woman frequently visits her mother, and the two remain very close to this day.

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