Trump administration gets rid of voter fraud commission



President Donald Trump on Wednesday disbanded a commission that was meant to investigate his claims that voter fraud took place during the 2016 election.

The White House said the decision to eliminate the commission, called the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, came after 15 states refused to disclose residents’ voter information.

The administration created the commission in May with Vice PresidentMike Pence taking lead. It was intended to investigate “improper voting, fraudulent voter registrations, and fraudulent voting,” according to Business Insider.

Despite numerous investigations and reports finding otherwise, Trump claimed (without providing evidence) that millions of people voted illegally in 2016 and led to him losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.

The voter fraud commission, which met twice, was impeded by states’ refusals to comply with information requests as well as lawsuits from liberal advocacy groups.

On Twitter, Democrat leaders celebrated the Trump administration’s move to dissolve the commission, saying it violated voters’ rights.

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