Meet the Hand Angels: A Charity Group the Provides Sexual Services to the Disabled


The charity’s most basic service is to help their clients masturbate.

While no one ever masturbated fantasizing about reducing the risks of prostate cancer, there is a common myth that masturbation is good for your health. To stop masturbating might increase certain health risks in men.

Ejaculation is also typically a great stress-reliever, something that can keep many people level-headed and in many ways relaxed and at peace. Without it, some people can be more agitated and irritable. While some people can easily masturbate anytime, there are those who have it physically impossible to do so. But thanks to a charity group in Taiwan called “Hand Angels,” sexually frustrated disabled people can finally experience what they have been longing for.

The founder, Vincent, is wheelchair-bound as a result of post-polio syndrome. According to him, he was inspired to start up the organization by his own difficult journey in life. The 52-year-old developed polio three months after he learned to walk. He had to crawl on the floor until he was able to walk with a walking stick aged eight.


In a video for BBC World Hacks he explained: “Whenever I see disabled people like me, I feel for them. I see myself in them.”

Vincent explained: “It’s a complete process – from touching the person to helping them reach orgasm.”

So far the charity has helped six people.

One male volunteer, Daan, told how Hand Angels spend a great deal of time discussing the client’s needs before any service is carried out. Though their job is short and takes only 90 minutes per client, the volunteers claim it takes at least 60 months to study their client’s condition.

Mei Nu, a female receiver who did not wish to be identified, told how she hadn’t met Daan before he visited her, but had spoken extensively with Vincent about what she wanted and was very “satisfied” with the service.

Daan revealed Mei Nu was very shy as she had never been naked in front of anyone but her caregivers. He recalled feeling as if he was going for a one-night stand with a girl he met online.

“I just opened the door, got in the room, showered, took off my clothes, went to bed and spoke with her… just like in a normal sex life,” Daan explained.

Still, many Critics have accused Hand Angels and other services like it of being a form of prostitution. However, the charity maintains what it is doing is legal in Taiwan.

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