20 Former Teen Movie Stars That Are Even Better-Looking Today


A genre of film that has a devoted fanbase, teen movies are so popular with some people that they anticipate the release of each new and notable entry in their long and storied history. So great because they manage to put people of varying ages in different headspaces, the effect it has on different groups is different. For instance, if you are far younger than being a teenager, then they can make you look forward to your time in high school whereas older people can be reminded of a more innocent time in their life. Of course, we would be remiss if we tried to pretend like some of their charms aren’t related to the fact that a lot of the time, they cast very attractive people in them. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty former teen stars that are even better-looking today.

In order for someone to be up for possible inclusion on this list, he/she first and foremost needs to have starred in a teen movie at some point in his/her career. For the purposes of this list, it doesn’t matter if he/she was actually in his/her teens when he/she starred in the movie that made it possible that he/she could end up in the entries to come. Additionally, it doesn’t matter when that same movie came out as long as there has been enough time between then and now that his/her looks could have changed in a distinct way. Finally, since that celeb’s teen movie was released to the public, he/she needs to have blossomed even further and become hotter than he/she was at the time.

20. Aly Michalka – Easy A

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An actor that got her start on a series that aired on The Disney Channel called Phil of the Future, Aly Michalka has since gone on to pop up in a long list of shows like Two and a Half Men and iZombie. On top of that, she has also made a name for herself through her music which she plays alongside her sister, AJ Michalka, as the pair has released four albums together since 2005. However, we’d argue that her greatest achievement in her career as of yet was playing the antagonistic character Rhiannon Abernathy in the whip-smart teen movie Easy A which came out in 2010. Since then maturing into a beautiful blonde bombshell with a body that won’t quit, she stands out in pretty much any crowd.

19. Anne Hathaway – The Princess Diaries

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Anne Hathaway is a serious actor that is in the running for pretty much all of the most sought-after roles for women in her age range that Hollywood has to offer but that wasn’t always the case. Best known for movies like The Devil Wears Prada, Rachel Getting Married, Les Misérables, The Dark Knight Rises, and several others, she has made an impact at the box office and in several awards shows. However, her time in the spotlight really began when she starred in a teen movie called The Princess Diaries in which her character was plucked from obscurity and became a part of the royal family. Thirty-five years old at the time of this writing, she is now one of the most elegant-looking leading ladies in the movie industry and is a sight for sore eyes.

18. Winona Ryder – Heathers

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An actor who has recently made something of a comeback due to playing one of the main characters in the immensely popular Netflix series Stranger Things, we’re happy to see Winona Ryder back. After all, she was incredible in movies like Edward Scissorhands, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Reality Bites, and far too many others to include in this write-up without going on too long. Still, one of our favorite roles of hers has to be the black teen comedy Heathers in which her character becomes involved in a series of grisly murders of high schoolers. A very buxom brunette with a bountiful chest that we always love getting a glance at, her face is also exquisite which makes her the total package when it comes to the looks department.

17. Kimberley Nixon – Wild Child

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A Welsh actor that has yet to make a big impact in the acting scene when it comes to North America, if you ask us, that is a real shame as she has been a part of some memorable movies from The UK. First coming to a certain level of prominence when she appeared in the movie Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, it received a great deal of attention in her homeland for good reason. Also included in the cast of a teen movie called Wild Child that same year, in it she played Kate, the roommate and the “big sister” of its main character who was played by Emma Roberts. Thirty-two years old today, her career isn’t on fire as her only credits from 2017 were as part of a TV movie and a single episode of a series that has nothing to do with her looks which are superb.

16. JoJo – Aquamarine

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Someone who is best known for her singing career, JoJo began her time in the spotlight in her very early teens with hit songs like “Too Little Too Late,” “Disaster,” and “Leave (Get Out)” among others. However, some people may have forgotten about this but she also had an acting career at the height of her popularity including popping up in movies like RV and Shark Tale to name only two. Of course, when it comes to this list, we are concerned with the fantasy teen movie she was a star of called Aquamarine which saw her become friends with a Mermaid. Most associated with a time in her life in which she was still a child really, if you haven’t been paying attention, she has grown into a woman with a body that won’t quit since then.

15. Olesya Rulin – High School Musical

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An actor that was born in Russia and has spent her early childhood there, when Olesya Rulin was eight years old, she was sent to live in America with her father who had made the move there two years prior. Making her acting debut on television in 2001, five years later, she appeared in High School Musical as Kelsi Nielsen which wasn’t one of the main characters but a memorable one at least. After all, she was brought back for both of that film’s sequels and had enough steam to also appear in other movies like Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous. Most recently employed as a voice actor who portrayed the Russian version of Meg Griffin in the show Family Guy, that is a real shame as the audience didn’t get to see how she has physically matured.

14. Kat Dennings – Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

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An actor who has found a certain level of success on both television and in movies, Kat Dennings’ career has been impressive but she has yet to punch through and become a true A-lister. Still, she did manage to play one of the main characters in the show 2 Broke Girls for several years and has played notable supporting roles in movies like the Thor series and The House Bunny among others. Included here because she starred in the teen romantic comedy Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which we think is really underrated, she and Michael Cera were able to create a believable couple on screen. An actor with a large chest that is impossible ignore, not that we would ever want to, we also think that her face doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

13. Brittany Snow – Hairspray

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The kind of performer that seems to be very likable on the face of things, Brittany Snow has been quietly putting together an impressive resume for a number of years now. Previously seen in shows like American Dreams and Harry’s Law, she also played an important role in the Pitch Perfect series, John Tucker Must Die, and the video game Kingdom Hearts II. Cast as the daughter of one of the most beautiful actors to become a star in the teen musical movie Hairspray, we can only imagine how honored she was to work with Michelle Pfeiffer. Attractive enough to play the spawn of a legend like that, we can’t think of a better way to point out her looks other than to let our readers take them in for themselves as they are self-evident.

12. Stacey Dash – Clueless

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Cast in a supporting role in the movie Clueless, right off the hop, Stacey Dash was eye-catching enough to turn her role into a much more important part of it and became a focal point of the film. In fact, we’d argue that when she made the leap along to television when it was spun-off into a long-running series, she became the most important figure in the success of the show. Since then becoming a figure of a great deal of controversy due to her political views and sometimes outrageous statements, no matter how you feel about her positions, her looks are incontestable. Blessed with genetics that are beyond reproach, there really isn’t anything about her physically that we could point to as a flaw and there is a lot that we find irresistible.

11. Christina Ricci – Now And Then

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First introduced to most of the world when she starred in The Addams Family, in it, Christina Ricci played Wednesday Addams and played the gothic young character to utter perfection. In fact, at the time, it seemed as though this was the role she was meant for and she probably wouldn’t be able to play more nuanced characters but we sure were wrong about that. Cast in one of the lead roles of the film Now and Then which is a coming-of-age story, she played a pivotal part in the scenes with the characters as youngsters so we’re counting it as a teen movie. Growing up before our eyes in the years since, she is now so bewitching that we can’t get enough of her whenever she shows up in a movie, series, or red carpet event.

10. Gabrielle Union – Bring It On

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Someone that played a supporting role in more than one teen movie in the past, the idea of Gabrielle Union fading into the background seems unthinkable no matter who she shares the screen with. Despite that, she somehow wasn’t the main character in She’s All That and 10 things I Hate About You but she has since gone on to bigger and better things as an adult actor, thankfully. Tapped to play the main antagonist in the cheerleader teen movie Bring It On, by the end of the film, it is revealed that it was she who was in the right all along and things become a lot more friendly. Appealing enough to have been the head cheerleader in any high school of our dreams earlier in her life, these days, she could easily be a beauty queen if she so chose.

9. Rachel McAdams – Mean Girls

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Best known for playing the lead in a movie that many people see as one of the most romantic movies ever made, Rachel McAdams turned a lot of heads with her work in The Notebook. That said, she has also been a part of several other very memorable movies in her time including Wedding Crashers, About Time, and Doctor Strange, the last of which made her part of the MCU. Still, one of the things in her career that we love the most is that she played Regina George, the main villain of arguably the best teen movie of all time, Mean Girls. Someone whose hair seems to change with each of her roles, that is fine by us as she has a figure that is great enough to always look ravishing, especially considering how amazing her booty is.

8. Sara Paxton – Aquamarine

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The second person to appear on this list because of her involvement with the teen fantasy film Aquamarine, in it, Sara Paxton played the mermaid at the core of the film’s story for good reason. The kind of actor that people are likely to recognize but not be able to recall her name, she has appeared in a long list of shows and films but has yet to find her star-making role. In fact, she also showed up in other teen films including the likes of Sleepover, Sydney White, and even the TV movie Return to Halloweentown that has become seasonal viewing for many. Someone that looks as though she may have originated from the fantasy of someone these days, if mermaids are supposed to be gorgeous creatures, then we could easily foresee Sara play one again.

7. Mary Elizabeth Winstead – Sky High

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Someone who looks like she would have inspired songs or paintings that were tributes to her beauty in times of yore, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a whole new breed of exquisite woman. Seen in movies like the Die Hard series, Final Destination 3, Death Proof, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Spectacular Now, and 10 Cloverfield Lane among others, she has what it takes to be a huge star. A part of the superhero teen movie Sky High that was produced by Disney, despite the powerhouse studio, that movie has been seen by far too few people since it is so amusing and heartwarming. On top of that, if you want something else to feel good about, then we suggest you look no further than a picture of this statuesque woman with a smile and body for the ages.

6. Vanessa Hudgens – High School Musical

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One of many young stars today that prove that their generation is multi-talented, Vanessa Hudgens has shown off her acting skills on the big and small screens but also has an impressive pair of pipes. Seen in a long list of movies including the likes of Spring Breakers, Beastly, Sucker Punch, Machete Kills, and Gimme Shelter, she has limited herself to any particular genre or style of film. First made a star when she was cast in the High School Musical series, in it, fans got to see her dance and sing while she portrayed a character that was a teenager. An alluring woman today who seems to be very much in touch with her sensual side, she carries herself with a great deal of confidence that we think is made possible since she knows she looks great.

5. Danielle Campbell – Starstruck

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Another actor whose early stages of her career were closely associated with the Disney Corporation, Danielle Campbell played a major character in the Disney film Prom which came out in 2011. Making her biggest impact so far as one of the stars of a show that airs on The CW called The Originals, in it, she played a young witch but had her character scaled back in season four of the series. Included here because she starred in a 2010 Disney Channel Original Teen movie named Starstruck, in it, she becomes romantically involved with a famous pop star. One of the best-kept secrets when it comes to young beauties in the acting scene, we find it pretty astonishing that she hasn’t made it as some kind of model at least.

4. Hilary Duff – A Cinderella Story

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A former teen star in general, Hilary Duff rose to prominence during those awkward years and developed a loyal fan base that was filled with many people who had a crush on her. Made a star because of the show Lizzie McGuire and movies like the Cheaper by the Dozen series, Agent Cody Banks, and Raise Your Voice, she was involved in many hit projects. Chief among her most beloved work for a lot of people was the teen movie A Cinderella Story which was a modern retelling of the story that generations of people have grown up with. Now a mother whose body has transformed in the best ways possible, whenever she steps out and we get a new view of her, it just makes us feel more smitten.

3. Alexis Knapp – Pitch Perfect

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An American singer whose career has been closely linked to her singing voice, Alexis Knapp is a part of a successful film franchise that flies under the radar far too often. Previously seen in the party movie Project X and the first season of a TBS series called Ground Floor that was created by the guy behind shows like Scrubs, it served as a good proving ground for her. Best known for playing Stacie Conrad in the Pitch Perfect films, the first of which is a teen movie, in it she plays a member of the main singing group at the core of the series. Portraying a character that is very much in tune with her carnal side in the aforementioned movies, she hasn’t shown too much skin which is a shame as she is packing a truly impressive figure.

2. Lizzy Caplan – Mean Girls

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The second star of Mean Girls to appear on this list, Lizzy Caplan isn’t among the most talked about actors in the movie scene, but if you ask us, she absolutely should be. Incredible in a long list of TV shows, we loved her work in The Class and Party Down and that is only a sampling of the series she helped define. On top of that, her film career is nothing to sneeze at as she appeared in Hot Tub Time Machine, 127 Hours, Cloverfield, and the aforementioned teen movie Mean Girls among many others. Possessing one of the best bodies in the entire acting world in our opinion, if you haven’t taken note of what she is working with yet, then we suggest you give her another look since you’re missing out.

1. Rosario Dawson – Kids

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One of the most in-demand actors today, Rosario Dawson is a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe where she plays Claire Temple in most of the Netflix series like Daredevil and Luke Cage. First making a name for herself in movies, however, she turned heads with her work in films like 25th Hour, Shattered Glass, Sin City, Rent, Clerks II, and Top Five among others. One of the stars of the controversial teen movie Kids, it has to be the least family-friendly film that earned someone a place on this list, but it certainly qualifies nonetheless. A woman with curves to spare and some of the softest and supple-looking skin out there, her face also is dazzling, and she has a sensual energy to her as well which is why she belongs at the top of this list.

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