Woman Loses Nipples After Breast Augmentation, Surgeon Shockingly Exposed as Dentist


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As we’re all aware of, breast augmentation can have severe complications if anything goes wrong, and that was what happened to this poor woman.

Two years ago, a woman who wishes to be known only as Lee, went under the knife to get breast enlargement at a local plastic surgery clinic in Hangzhou, China. The whole procedure costed her about 60,000 Yuan (approx. RM37,000), according to Nanyang.

Source: Sina

The surgery was completed without any complication, but shortly after that, her wounds started bleeding pus followed by blackening of her nipples and areolae. Lee went back to consult the surgeon and was told that what she was experiencing was normal. Seriously?

The doctor even said,

“You should wait until the skin comes off, then your breasts would be fair and flawless.”

Lee took the doctor’s advice and waited until January 2017. Apparently, her condition became so severe that even the plastic surgeon admitted that it was pretty bad and immediately referred her to a general hospital.

After an examination was done, the doctor discovered that the tissue of her nipples and areolae had died. Hence, the dead tissue must be removed and a surgery had to be done in order to retrieve the breast implants.

Source: Sina

Source: Sina

Unfortunately, the surgery left her with no areolae and disfigured nipples that are insensitive to stimulus. Lee, who is still single, was worried that this permanent damage of her breasts may hinder her from finding a partner later on.

The most enraging part about this botched surgery was that the doctor who performed the breast augmentation wasn’t even a qualified plastic surgeon, because he’s been exposed as a dentist who specialises in oral cavity instead!

What a con job! 

Source: Nanyang

In the end, Lee sued the bogus plastic surgeon and the punishment meted out was rather light, in our opinion. It was reported that the doctor was only slapped with a fine of 3,000 Yuan (approx. RM1,850) and no jail time.

She is also now appealing to the court to claim 30,000 Yuan (approx. RM18,500) from the clinic in order to cover her second surgery at the hospital. Good luck with that Lee! 

For all the pain she was put through, Lee deserves a hefty compensation from the bogus plastic surgeon, and the punishment should’ve been a lot more severe if you ask us. 

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