Viral Pinoy Song ‘Hayaan Mo Sila’ Taken Down from YouTube after Reaching More Than 20M Views


Many netizens believe the group “stole” the beat from “Diamond Style,” but the group claimed to have already paid them.

Ex-Battalion, normally shortened to Ex B, is a Filipino hip-hop collective formed in Manila, Philippines known for their hit single, “No Games”, that peaked at number 10 in the Billboard Philippine Top 20. One of their latest songs entitled “Hayaan mo Sila,” made its way to the top of Philippine music charts and even reached worldwide recognition by international netizens on YouTube and other social media sites. The track was inspired by DJ Khaled’s “I’m The One”, with a beat produced by Diamond Style.

However, their video was taken down after reaching more than 20 million views. While the reason behind the video being taken down is still unclear, many netizens jumped to different conclusions and ideas about the controversy.

Link of the music video of Hayaan Mo Sila: Kiss by Diamond Style:…

Posted by Wanna Fact!? on Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Many believed that the song’s beat was actually “stolen,” while there were those who defended the group. However, Ex B members claimed that they already paid for the beat, but Diamond Style demanded another $2,000 for licensing at exclusive beat after the song went viral. Seeing how the song gained a lot of views (and the artists earning some money), the beat’s producer demanded additional fees. When the group failed to pay for the “extra” fees, the video was then taken down from YouTube.

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