NYC could get slammed by ‘bomb’ cyclone winter storm

A massive Winter storm called a “bomb” cyclone is predicted to slam into the Northeast this week – battering the coast with bone-chilling temps, massive winds and blinding snow.

“All day Thursday meteorologists are going to be glued to the new GOES-East satellite watching a truly amazing extratopical “bomb” cyclone off New England coast,” Ryan Maue from tweeted on Tuesday.

“It will be massive – fill up entire Western Atlantic off U.S. East Coast. Pressure as low as Sandy & hurricane winds.”

Maue added it was possible that “extremely dangerous cold from brutal wind chills will wreck the Midwest and Northeast during day Friday into Saturday” with “Record lows likely at most locations.”

The winter storm is expected to be so strong because of the rapid drop in pressure and the hurricane force winds.

The city could see as much as a foot of snow if the predictions hold up.

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