The World’s Smallest Mobile Phone is No Bigger than Your Usual USB Drive


The Tiny T1 is extremely cheap, which might make it a good emergency phone for anyone who doesn’t like carrying a smartphone but still wants a bit of peace of mind.

The world embraced larger-screen phones, first popularized by Samsung with its successful Note series because more expansive displays make it easier to see and do more on the screen. More and more people opt for larger phones, which is especially important for gaming and watching videos. Larger phone designs also make room for larger batteries, which has helped usher in slightly more efficient tickers with incrementally longer life.

However, one company tries to defy trend by making the world’s smallest mobile phone—and it isn’t any bigger than your USB drive! Yes, you read that right. The Tiny T1 boasts a full numerical keyboard and an impossibly tiny OLED display with a resolution of just 64 by 32. And it isn’t a toy.

Its diminutive size limits its capabilities, allowing it to operate only on 2G networks and, with such a small display, you won’t be doing anything other calling and texting. Still, the phone is definitely the first of its kind—and probably the last.

The tiny phone by Zanco can only accept nano sim cards, charges via micro USB, and has a 300-contact phonebook. It also stores the 50 most recent calls as well as 50 of your most recent SMS messages. Also, the Tiny T1 Zanco’s Kickstarter will let you pick up one of the pint-sized phones for less than $50, an extremely cheap offer.

Cheap, easy to carry around, and works fine for many busy people. Would you want to get your hands on one?


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