Singaporean Woman Attempts Suicide after Her Online Lover Didn’t Show Up When She Went to Taiwan


She flew to Taiwan in hopes to meet her online lover for the first time, but he failed to show up, prompting her to attempt jumping off a building.

Online dating has become a trend since a few years ago, and many people were successful in finding their better halves online. A 37-year-old woman from Singapore surnamed Chew was hoping to be with her better half from Taiwan when she flew to the said country to meet him for the first time. However, the man failed to show up for still unknown reasons. When she realized she had been stood up, Chew attempted to jump from a multi-storey carpark in Zhongli District’s Yanping Road in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Chew had reportedly flown in from her native country, Singapore, to meet up with the man from Taiwan that she met online. However, the man refused to meet her when she arrived in the country. Heartbroken and distressed, she climbed to the parapet of the roof of a five-story carpark, attempting to jump down.

Fortunately, witnesses soon notified the police, who responded almost immediately after receiving the report. However, the police were unable to get near Chew as she was in an unstable mood. It was until they got her to sit on the ledge with her back facing the road that the police were able to make a move. When she was unaware, they blasted water from a water cannon at her. She fell to safety and landed on the floor of the carpark roof.

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