Netizens Slam Philippine Embassy for Allowing Indecent Christmas Party with a Strip Dancer in Israel


On October 28, 2017, a Christmas party was organized by 3 groups in Israel namely (FWA) Filipino Workers Association, Israel OFW Association and a Fraternity Group Israel Council. The Christmas party became controversial after photos of a stripper doing a tease dance with a Pinay OFW had widely spread on social media.

A certain Niño Ruelo Barzaga shared the photos on Facebook and wondered why the Philippine Embassy had allowed such indecent party.  In turn, the post earned various reactions from the OFWs who felt dismayed about their fellow Filipina who allowed the foreigner to disrespect her through his sexual acts.

On the comments section, the OFWs had expressed their opinions and had voiced out their feelings who mostly felt bad about their “kababayan”.  Some of them said that she only humiliated the Filipinos as  she had given the foreigners the reason to think that Pinays are ‘sex objects’ and had low moral values.  Some even say that the Pinay deserves to be deported since she was a disgrace to the OFW community who had been working so hard and had preserved their dignity and reputation while working abroad.

However, a few of the OFWs had come to the defense of the Pinay saying she was also a victim for she might not have any knowledge about the strip dancer.  But then, the enraged OFWs commented that she should had just walked away from the scene to show that she was not pleased with it.

Meanwhile, Barzaga’s post was a shout out for Vice Consul Reichel Quinones and Cultural Attache Geraldine Gamoso of the Embassy of the Philippines in Israel asking why they had permitted the Christmas party and had not done anything about the said show.

For OFWs who had been working so hard for their families,  would it be fair that they be treated ‘low class’ citizens just because of one wrong act of a “kababayan”?  Just a thought.