Heartbreaking Moment When a Toddler Learns that His Little Brother is dying from Cancer


At just three years old, he learns that his baby brother is dying from cancer.

The most heartbreaking and depressing experience for a parent is to lose a child—especially when that child hasn’t even experienced anything in his/her short life. What most people don’t know is that the child’s siblings are equally, if not more, heartbroken. Three-year-old William just learned that his younger brother is dying from cancer, and his reaction was both adorable and heartbreaking for many.

Jon and Sheryl Blanksby were ecstatic when their now 4-month-old baby Thomas was brought into the world. Sadly, instead of waiting for their little boy to grow up, they are counting days until he leaves them for good after he was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer. The hardest part was that they had to explain to their eldest son, 3-year-old William that his brother is sick and is constantly in pain. His reaction wasn’t what they expected.

Sheryl was on her way walking into the living room when she heard William comforted Thomas, “Big brother is here. Everything is okay,” as he placed his hand on Thomas’s plump cheek gently. Sheryl took a photo and later posted the heartbreaking photo on her Instagram with a caption saying she was expecting for Thomas to do something mischievous that would get him in trouble. Instead, she was surprised with the loving and touching scene of brotherly love.

Thomas was only 11 weeks old when he was diagnosed with a malignant Rhabdoid tumour in his kidney. When Thomas was born, he has a lesion on his arm and the young parents thought that was just a birthmark. It was until his doctor checked for a lump on his abdomen and confirmed that the two lumps on his arm and the abdomen that the parents learned something was wrong. Both lumps were malignant. This meant that Thomas could only live for just a few more weeks or months.

“If you look at him, he looks healthy and perfect but we can’t move him much now. Cuddling him is a no-go any more. I just have to crouch down on the floor and pseudo-cuddle him. That’s why we just hold hands … we can’t hold him at all with his hip fracture,” she said. But he’s only in pain when we have to move him, nappy change and bath time, in between he’s a typical four-month-old.” Sheryl said.

Even though Thomas underwent a surgery to remove the tumour, cancer had already spread to his lungs and hips, resulting a fracture in his right leg

Still, the family is hoping against hope that Thomas will continue to fight. “The fact that you can hold your children at night, they wake up, they walk and run, they hit their milestones, they get their birthdays. That’s what people should focus on instead of the bad things.”

“We often get caught up in our own little world of first problems and we sweat the small stuff, or complain about things that don’t matter,” she added

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