5 Celebrities That Drunkenly Ended Up Behind Bars


It’s no secret that some of our favorite celebs have been known to overindulge in alcoholic beverages.  A lot of times they blame their discretion on the stress of having to always be “on” for their fans and their workload.  Although that’s no excuse for them breaking the law, it seems that their status sometimes gives them a pass to get away with things that common people would not.

There are also times where these celebs get so carried away, that members of the law enforcement just can’t turn their heads.  Driving drunk, or public intoxication is dangerous for all parties involved and it’s downright embarrassing. Here is a list of celebs that just didn’t know when to put the bottle down, or call an Uber.

5. Kevin Hart

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America’s favorite funny man, Kevin Hart, had his run-in with the law long before he was asked: “What Now.” The comedian was charged with driving under the influence back in 2013 after reportedly driving erratic at a speed of around 90 miles per hour down a Los Angeles highway.  Hart almost crashed into a tanker truck according to TMZ. He reportedly blew .15 in the breathalyzer test.  He pled no contest in court and as a result, one of the two counts of DUI was dropped. He was sentenced to three years of probation and ordered to attend three months of alcohol education classes.


4. Reese Witherspoon

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This Oscar-winning actress went from America’s good girl to America’s jailbird in one night. Reese Witherspoon is known for her memorable performance in her break out role, Cruel Intentions and other notable films, Legally Blonde and Walk the Line.  She is also known as a soft-spoken mom and wife. Much to our surprise, we found out that Witherspoon is not afraid to take a walk on the wild side.  While filming in Atlanta, GA, Witherspoon was pulled over with her husband, Jim Toth for driving under the influence and disorderly conduct.

As if the arrest alone wasn’t embarrassing enough, Witherspoon managed to get the entire spectacle caught on video camera.  In the video, Witherspoon was seen taunting the Atlanta police officer and making threats against him for pulling her over and continuing to reprimand them after they were made aware of who she was.  She later gave a statement admitting her embarrassment and proceeded to lay low for a while until the PR disaster blew over.


3. Lindsay Lohan

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Oh, Lindsey. Lindsay Lohan, the former child actress has more DUI charges under her belt than she does great movies. Lindsey’s DUI arrests go back to 2007 when she was not only arrested for driving under the influence, but she was also in possession of cocaine.  The sad part about this arrest is that she was wearing an alcohol- detection ankle bracelet at the time for a previous offense back in 2004.  In a report obtained by People Magazine, her blood alcohol was almost 2 times the limit.  Fortunately, Lohan seems to be on the up and up these days.  She has managed to stay out of police cars and courtrooms and have turned her focus to philanthropy.


2. Debby Ryan

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Debby Ryan is the actress best known for her role on the Disney Show, Jessie.  She recently shed her good girl image by no control of her own when she was arrested for felony drunk driving.  The actress was arrested after she was making a left turn on an L.A. highway and slammed into a Mercedes.  Sources report the actress failed the sobriety test and was charged with two criminal offenses. Driving under the influence and the accident. The actress later made a statement apologizing for her mishaps and for letting her fans down and her family at Disney.


1. Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods just can’t seem to find his footing. Many of Tiger’s fans had hoped that after the notorious golf club incident with ex-wife Ellen Nordengen and sex rehab situation was the last scandal that the famous golfer would have his name associated with, but we weren’t so lucky.

The golf legend was charged with driving under the influence after he was found asleep under the wheel in Florida.  He was discovered after he was caught by police officers pulled into a bike lane taking a nap.  He was given a breathalyzer due to his slurred speech.  He went on to fail the walk and turn test, leading the officers to bring him in.

Once released, Tiger made a statement taking full responsibility for his actions.  However, he would not admit to being under the influence of alcohol but suffered an unexpected reaction to prescription medication.


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