He Never Believed in God, Until He Died and Went to Hell

For 20 years, Howard Storm was working as a professor of art and head of the department at Northern Kentucky University.

Storm was an atheist throughout his life, and said he was an extremely aggressive person.

But while on a tour of Europe with his wife and students, Storm collapsed in the lobby of their hotel in Paris. An ambulance was quickly called and he was taken to the emergency room.

Doctors at the hospital immediately found that Storm had a puncture in his stomach. However, no surgeons were available to operate on him.

For the next eight to ten hours, Storm lay in the hospital without medication or medical attention, waiting for his life-saving surgery.

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Finally a nurse came in, giving him the news that a doctor wouldn’t be available until the following day.

The pain had become so intense that he only wanted it to end. But Storm began to fear death, because he had been living his life for the gratification of the moment, and to him, there was nothing after death.

But after telling his wife of 20 years that they should say their final goodbyes, he fell unconscious.

For what may have only been minutes, Storm began to have an out of body experience. While still unconscious, he opened his eyes and stood up.

He looked down to see his body covered with a sheet on a hospital bed. But Storm said he had never felt more alive than in that moment.

He then went out into the hallway, where things became dark and violent. People began to pull him into the dark while he struggled to fight them off.

According to Storm, the events that followed were far too graphic and “ugly” to describe, and left him “laying on the ground all ripped up.”

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Then Storm began to do something he hadn’t done in over 23 years: he prayed. And as soon as he began to say “God,” the people that had attacked him began to shriek in pain.

After what felt like an eternity alone, Storm felt he had just gone into hell with others who had lived their lives like him.

He finally called out for God to save him. Storm recalls God coming through a bright light to pick him up and heal him.

Storm said he was then taken through his entire life, where he was shown what he had done right and what he hadn’t. But when he reached heaven, Storm says he was told it wasn’t his time.

When he regained consciousness in the hospital, his experience was enough to make him turn his life around. And miraculously, a doctor had arrived to perform his surgery.

Over the next year, Storm recovered from the surgery and from his experience. In 1992, he became ordained as a Christian pastor.

To this day, Storm says his memory of the event is a clear as ever, and he has written four books about it. One of his books, titled “My Descent Into Death” is currently in production to become a movie.

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