Pinay OFW Admits To Killing Her Own Newborn Child in UAE


A Filipina maid allegedly killed her newborn love child using a piece of cloth in Dubai. The woman, who works as a housemaid admitted the crime in a Dubai court during the trial last Wednesday.

According to her, using a piece of cloth, she suffocated the baby boy until he died. It all happened in a toilet inside her sponsor’s sister’s house situated in Al Qusais last September 16.

According to the sponsor’s sister who is working as a flight stewardess, when she saw the suspect, she was very tired and exhausted.

“Around 1am, I saw the accused exhausted and she told me it was because of her menstrual pain. She then went to the toilet and stayed there for about two hours. I knocked on the door to check on her several times but she did not open,” the 36-year old sponsor’s sister confessed. “When she got out later, she held a plastic bag which she put near the kitchen’s door. She rushed to sit on a chair. I urged her to let me take her to hospital as she looked quite tired and unwell but she would not let me. I could see she was bleeding a lot.”

Because the maid looks very unwell, they decided to call an ambulance and rushed her to the hospital.

“At 3pm, we had to call an ambulance to take her to hospital. A doctor there told us the maid had just given birth and that was why she was bleeding.”

According to the forensic examination, the OFWs baby was born alive and healthy but developed breathing and heart failure caused by suffocation.

According to the police lieutenant who investigated the case, they checked the flat in Al Nahda, Al Qusais, where the incident happened and found a gruesome scene.

“We found blood all across the main room. There was a bag containing lots of women’s clothes, and under the clothes was a dead newborn with a piece of cloth inside his mouth.”

The next hearing is scheduled on January 3.