OFW Grieves over Untimely Death of Wife and Daughter, Seeks Duterte’s Help for Justice


For this one OFW working in United Arab Emirates, there’s nothing more painful than going home to the Philippines to grieve because of his wife and daughter’s untimely death. He then expressed disappointment wondering why there are people who could do such thing just to be able to earn money while OFWs like him had endured hardships and sacrifices while  working away from their families.

On December 12, 2017, Marlon Gamos arrived at the NAIA and headed directly to the morgue where his wife and daughter were.  Autopsy revealed that his wife had a traumatic head injury which was the cause of her death while their child died due to asphyxia by suffocation.

Based on the investigation conducted, robbery was the motive of the suspects because there were a lot of valuable and expensive items missing in the house located in Barangay Navarro, General Trias, Cavite.  Missing were some appliances, pieces of jewellery, cellphone and their car.  The investigators also revealed that they didn’t see forced entry to the house by the suspects.

Marlon narrated that the last time he spoke to his wife was on a Thursday.  He even showed their last exchange of messages which was their usual routine each day.  He started to worry when his wife was not online on Friday.  Sensing something unpleasant was going on, he immediately sought the help of his sibling to check on his family.

On Monday, they learned about the incident so Marlon immediately arranged his flight back to the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the grieving husband and father was unable to hold his tears upon seeing his wife and daughter at the morgue. He even wished the suspects had only taken their belongings but not the life of his wife, more, the life of their innocent 5-year-old daughter.

Marlon hopes the suspects will soon submit themselves to the policemen and totally surrender.

The OFW also appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte to help him get justice for the untimely death of his loved-ones.

Source: kwentongofw.com