8 DC Characters Rumored To Join The Arrowverse (And 8 We’ll Never See)


When it comes to the Arrowverse, you can never truly know what they’ll throw in next. It seems as though they’re always claiming that we’ll never see a character and then that character randomly show up. Meanwhile, there are characters who would be perfect but who we end up never seeing. On top of this, the multiple universes in DC allow them to have multiple shows on multiple networks not connected. Even unconnected movies going on at the same time. None have to be connected, which can get a bit annoying.

The CW Arrowverse is pretty big, and fans love the shows within it. From Arrow to The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and now Supergirl… we’re seeing amazing storylines from the writers every year. Each show continues to thrive, but the question ultimately will be: which hero or villain will DC go after next for the series?

It does not matter who it is, but we need to see someone new pop up every year to make us all gasp or talk. The issue is, we do not know who it will be sometimes. Meanwhile, rumors spread and they catch on like wildfire, pushing for people to talk. Some of the rumors can be fake, while others are real. DC is very tight-lipped when it comes to their shows, and it’s hard to get real news.

However, we’ve been able to uncover some rumors that hold up pretty well. Sadly, there are characters that we shall never see in the Arrowverse. The question is, who are they? You’ll have to read our list to find out. Here are 8 DC characters rumored to be part of the Arrowverse, as well as the 8 who definitely won’t be.

16. Doomsday – Won’t Be In The Arrowverse


[Image by Comicnewbies.com]

Doomsday is known for being one of the better villains in DC Comics history. He is most known for being the man who initially killed Superman. This has made him a notable foe for the Man of Steel ever since. The origin of Doomsday is kind of spread out, as there are a number of ways he comes to be. However, the most popular version is that he was a monster from Krypton, Superman’s home planet. This makes him as powerful as Superman due to the same help from the sun. He also has a load of the same powers from super-strength to the laser eyes.

Overall, he’s tough to kill. It makes him one of the most dominate villains in all of DC. So why not add him to Supergirl? For that very reason. Supergirl and Doomsday rarely crossed paths in the comics. She was only around him when Superman was, for the most part at least. Supergirl has her own villains similar enough to Doomsday to make her show fine enough without him. He’s more of a movie villain due to his massive popularity as power-set. He certainly does not make sense for any other show for the Arrowverse either. We should not expect to see him. Plus Reign is more than capable of being an equal.

15. Dick Grayson/Nightwing – We’re Definitely Going To See Him


[Image by DC Comics]

There’s a lot of weird with this one. The Arrowverse has been teasing Nightwing for what seems like an eternity, but now seems to be the time that he shows up. Many will wonder why, at this point, DC and Warner Bros. would want him to be part of the universe. It is similar to why they wanted The Flash to show up on Supergirl when she was part of CBS. There’s a need, and an easy way to use him. The plan is for TNT to have a Titans television show, which is already casting and will be taping before too long. Every major Titan is expected to be in the show.

From Nightwing to Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy. We can expect a murderer’s row of amazing side-kick types. Arrowverse has consistently referenced Bludhaven, the home city that Nightwing protects when he leaves Gotham. Mostly, Sarah Lance has been there “with a friend” most of the time. It is likely she has been working with Dick Grayson. Interestingly, TNT is owned by Warner Brothers, which means a crossover between the shows would be easier than it was with CBS. It would even be able to remain inside the Arrowverse’s Earth-1 due to this. There’s a need for publicity, and adding the Teen Titans to a random Arrowverse show could be amazing, and we’re likely seeing it.

14. Green Lantern – Not Coming To The Arrowverse

Green Lantern

[Image by DC Comics]

There are loads of reasons why Green Lanterns will not be involved in the Arrowverse. Each time it comes down to the very easy reason of, why? Because he makes no sense for this universe. The very reason is due to the mere fact that Green Lantern is a cosmic sort of character that goes all over the universe. The lantern corps. are a terrific group that would be amazing to see involved in the show. The issue? We cannot use any of them when there’s no real cosmic disorder.

While seeing any of them would be great, there’s not a need. Plus the CGI behind it would be insane to deal with. Think of all one would have to animate for just a couple scenes in post. In a cartoon, that is one thing. We could see him on the CW Seed area. However, seeing a live action version? That seems more like a movie role. While his home area of Coast City is in the universe, we likely won’t see a Hal Jordan show up nor a John Stewart. Unless it is just them without powers. Hal WAS a pilot, of course.

13. Booster Gold – Oh We’re Gonna See This Guy

Booster Gold

[Image by DC Comics]

Depending on how you feel, Booster Gold is either one of the worst heroes of all-time or he’s simply hilarious and you love the guy. Booster Gold is known very well, mostly due to his role in the Justice League cartoon. So what is it about this guy that makes him so notable yet also so hated by DC fans at times? He’s one heck of an egotistical jerk. He means well, but he’s self-absorbed and cannot get enough of himself, costing him with friends. He talks too much and becomes one of the most arrogant people you can be around.

Yet he’s so interesting despite it. He time-travels often and has been part of the Time Masters. He has often worked with Rip Hunter due to all of this. Some refer to him to as DC’s version of Cable, just due to all he brings to the table. Which is nice, but he’s not quite as cool. Yet he can do so much like fly, use energy protection, and has quantum energy physiology, on top of other interesting abilities. All of this makes him one of the better time travellers for the DC universe. It would not be shocking for Booster to come in from another universe to visit his old pal, Rip. Meanwhile, join the Legends or be a thorn in their side. He’s been rumored for quite some time, so we should expect him to be around eventually.

12. The Joker – We Won’t Be Seeing Him In The Arrowverse

The Joker

[Image by Screen Rant]

There are a lot of reasons why The Joker will not be coming to the Arrowverse, but the most important is that… dude, it’s The Joker. You think they would let this guy get on television outside of Gotham? Even then, he isn’t a guarantee yet even there. The Clown Prince of Crime is beloved as one of the great villains ever, if not THE greatest. Heck, Heath Ledger won an Oscar for playing him in The Dark Knight. It would be tough to get this guy right with a standard TV actor. You would need an impressive young veteran, and that can be expensive to put together.

It would be wonderful to use Joker due to all he provides. However, you need perfect acting to make him happen and you need perfect everything for him to be there. He’s literal chaos in a box and he’s never going to be killed, yet still remain a constant issue. So if Joker ever showed up, he could never be removed, and people are already getting tired of seeing the same guys showing up in the Arrowverse villain log consistently.

11. Cheetah – We Should Be Seeing Her In The Arrowverse


[Image by Screen Rant]

One of the big things you may have noticed from the Arrowverse is their fun moments when they throw a character name out there. They may not appear, but you know what they’re used for. Cheetah was apparently used by Amanda Waller as part of her Suicide Squad, as her name appears where they kept the Squad on an episode of Arrow a year ago. We know the Amanda Waller in the Arrowverse is dead, but there was never a word on the death of the entire Suicide Squad itself.

With some members gone, it made sense to recruit others in their place. Cheetah is a villain of many skills, and having her help the squad would make sense. We could even see a situation where she joins a team against the Legends or Team Arrow. There’s a lot of ways to use her, and the best part is that make-up is the most expensive thing you may use for her. She does not require much on the CGI front, which makes her an easy one to bring on board over others who require more. Plus, she’s one of the favorites in the villain category, and she could use more exposure.

10. Swamp Thing – We Won’t Be Seeing Him

Swamp Thing

[Image by DC Comics]

A lot of people love Swamp Thing, and it is for good reason. Like Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing is all about saving “the green” or the Earth. Any action against it requires this God-like character to take out the person doing it. Swamp Thing is often on the side of good. However, he can be on the side of evil at times as well. It depends on what benefits the green. This means his use in the Arrowverse would be tough to manage. Would they be in the swamp at any point? Would they even need to go there at all when his mission is mostly saving Star City?

Swamp Thing would have to be a rare character used off and on for him to mean anything, which is hard to accomplish. If Poison Ivy were to be used and a character needs to be found to help stop her, it is likely we could see Swamp Thing show up then. However, it is tough to manage when he’s too cool not to use but so incredibly difficult to do anything with of significant value. Plus his power is so overly strong that stopping him as a hero or villain would be pointless. So, how is there a fight worth something there? We need conflict in TV shows to make a character work. If there isn’t any, what’s the point?

9. Poison Ivy – We’ll Be Seeing Her

Poison Ivy

[Image by Comicbook.com]

Poison Ivy makes the most sense among many villains to be part of the Arrowverse. The reason? Her powers are easy to animate in post-production. Very little of it has to be massively CGIed, allowing for her to become a normal villain that the Arrowverse could see that won’t take the network over budget. Ivy’s abilities are easy to use in any part of the Arrowverse from Supergirl to Legends of Tomorrow. She stands out more than most because DC knows her role in the universe can be quite interesting.

She is all about the Earth and making sure she is well taken care of. The issue is that it could be harmed by the Legends, Flash, or someone else. She would be more than willing to take them out to protect it. However, she is also on the side of good when it benefits the Earth. Her ability to go back and forth, yet always with the same mission, makes her an easy character to use. Plus, with Bird of Prey being a movie DC wants to make, putting Ivy on screen for a bit before a kill-off would be a nice promotion for the character.

8. Red Hood/Jason Todd – Not Coming To The Arrowverse

Red Hood

[Image by DC.wikia.com]

How cool would it be for the Red Hood to show up in the Arrowverse? Since this hood can be put on anyone, it would be idiotic to say Red Hood could not show up. Remember, The Joker was once the man underneath this mask. Jason Todd would then adopt it and make it into a fearful reality once more, mostly to make Joker bitter. Since Todd is not an established character in the Arrowverse and likely never could be, there’s only one person who could fill in the role with similar value. That man is Roy Harper, who we’ve been teased at seeing again, but haven’t since his departure.

It makes sense to assume he’ll be back, and a Red Hood jump for him would not be a shock to see. However, Jason Todd is the man we credit most with this role and he cannot show up here. This is mainly because Batman will likely encounter Todd in the next Batman movie. So the Arrowverse could not use the Red Hood character in any way until that movie is over. Even then, they would avoid it for a long time. This is why the Red Hood, while a terrific and easy character to add, could not in the universe.

7. Batman – He’s Coming To The Arrowverse


[Image by DC Comics]

Batman has been teased so freaking much in the Arrowverse that we might as well just assume they’re just throwing his non-appearance in our face. However, that was never the intention. Supergirl has never met Batman or Bruce Wayne, but she remembers her cousin talking about him. Her cousin being Superman, whom we have seen in the Arrowverse now. Since Batman has been established on this Earth, it means he could show up at some point on it.

Disney is getting ready to buy 20th Century FOX soon, which will bring all of the shows along with it since they’re all involved in the same area. Warner Bros. would likely want to get Gotham away from the now Disney owned product.

This means that Gotham may end up moving to The CW next season, since the show is still popular among fans. It would then allow us to see Bruce Wayne, the younger version, in the Arrowverse. This also would allow a sea of other villains to come over, like Poison Ivy, Riddler, and so many more.

6. Wonder Woman – Will Not Be Seen In The Arrowverse

Wonder Woman

[Image by DC Comics]

Many assumed that after Legends of Tomorrow showed Helen of Troy being dropped off in Themyscira, we would see Wonder Woman show up in the universe eventually. This cannot and will not happen. It is for a number of reasons. Due to the success of the new Wonder Woman film, it is likely the second will do similar or better numbers than the first. In the meantime, Gal Gadot is expected to remain a key member of the Justice League and could cross over in many other movies outside her own and the JL. DC and Warner Bros. just added Gal to the universe to be the live action Wonder Woman too.

For Warner Bros. to allow another Wonder Woman on the small screen, it would take the character bombing at the box office and needing extra attention. That is the last thing Wonder Woman has to have right now, as Gal has done an amazing job. We’re most likely able to see characters from the Wonder Woman universe show up, but the Princess herself? That is simply not likely, despite how awesome it would be. The island was just another Easter Egg for fans to love seeing, yet DC and Warner Bros. have no plans to use Wonder Woman in the Arrowverse, at any point, right now.

5. Scarecrow – Could Be Coming To The Arrowverse

Scarecrow DC

[Image by wallpaperscraft.com]

While Brother Blood sort of did the job of the Scarecrow early on in the Arrow television series, he was not the Scarecrow. People forget how fearsome this villain is. It would be tough to bring Scarecrow into a universe where his fear gas was used already. However, the toxin used by Scarecrow, combined with other mind-altering materials he can bring in, would allow for some interesting fights.

For all he knows, Arrow could be fighting a janitor rather than Scarecrow. The original Scarecrow, Dr. Jonathan Crane, has not been used. While the mask sort of was and a fear gas, as well as other drugs similar to things we see him use, Scarecrow is an easy guy to bring on board. The very reason is that he requires practically no CGI, and you can easily have him as a throw-in villain or main villain throughout the world. We could see him show up in Legends of Tomorrow, Flash, or Arrow. There is no restriction. He’s endless.

4. Shazam – We Won’t Be Seeing Him In The Arrowverse


[Image by Imgur.com]

It would be pretty cool to see Shazam show up in the Arrowverse, but the issue is similar to Green Lantern’s. Why bring him in? Why does basically a God need to be part of the Arrowverse? While Supergirl could certainly use him in a fight, his power of the Gods would only need to be used against one. Who would Supergirl take on that would be such a threat? It seems more like a movie sort of thing.

Spoiler alert, Shazam is sort of seen in the new Justice League movie and has one of his own coming. Black Adam will also see his own. So neither man makes sense to see outside of a movie. While Billy Batson would be a nice Easter Egg to throw into a show just for fun, we should not expect the great Shazam to come down at any point to the small screen. It would be amazing, and there’s no telling what he could do to impress the world….but we’re not seeing it happen.

3. The Question – He’s Coming To The Arrowverse

The Question

[Image by Empty-Brooke – DeviantArt]

Vic Sage, known better as The Question, is one heck of a character. He was beloved for his role in the Justice League animated series, but also due to his comic series. Similar to Batman when it comes to detective work, one thing makes him shine outside the Bat… he’s a total freak for conspiracy theories. The guy is off of his rocker sometimes, but he’s right more often that he’s wrong. He has no powers to speak of, except for intelligence. Due to his ability to banter, as well as his impressive work as a detective, it makes sense to use him.

He does not require much from the universe, and he’s actually very possible. His hometown of Hub City was visited by Green Arrow before Flashpoint. We came across Erin Fortuna, a friend of John Constantine’s. Roy Harper has been living here and both Ray Palmer and Kendra Saunders once resided in the city as well. To say The Question could be randomly involved in the Arrowverse is not even questionable… it’s a simple reality that we’ll see him. He’s been rumored since Arrow visited the city. Theoretically, he could be called upon at any point.

2. Harley Quinn – No More Than We Already Have Seen Her

Harley Quinn

[Image by DC Comics]

Harley Quinn was technically in the Arrowverse, and we have to be sure to reference this. She was even voiced by the actress who plays her from the animated series of shows and movies, Tara Strong. While Strong was not the actress in the role on camera, the voice was the only thing they planned to use. See, the Suicide Squad movie was going to be out the following year and Harley Quinn is a key member of it. This is why she was used in this area of the Arrow, as that was when the Squad was revealed.

While multiple people from the squad were in it, like Deadshot, there were others who were not in the original. The plan was for them to stick around when the next version comes about. Margot Robbie is signed for other productions involving the character whom she brilliantly played. Another Suicide Squad movie is coming and Birds of Prey is expected as well. Due to all of this, Harley is likely to never appear in the Arrowverse again, in any way, as she is going to be heavily used in movie form for quite some time.

1. Static Shock – Likely Coming To The Arrowverse

Static Shock

[Image by comicvine.gamespot.com]

Static Shock was technically not originally part of the DC Comics universe, as he belonged to Milestone Comics. Though they were distributed by DC, so we might as well call it as we see it. His popularity grew due to the television show that ran on the WB for a number of years. Kids loved him and many felt he deserved to be involved in more live action material. Yet he’s never been used. Now the CW is bringing in Black Lightning, who is quite similar to Static Shock.

While neither are related in the universe, it is likely that due to Black Lightning showing up, Static comes into the world somehow as a bridge to bring the two world together. This has happened many times in the comic world, so it would not go unnoticed. One would conclude that we will see him show up in Black Lightning, but it could be that he comes in a Season 2 version of the show. Mainly to give BL a little breathing room to get over with fans first, before Static overshadows him. Static simply is too popular to just throw in right away.

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