Netizens Criticize Airline Company for Suspending Air Stewardess Who ‘Wolfed Down’ Leftovers


A video of the said air stewardess went viral, wherein she was ‘wolfing down’ spoonfuls of leftovers from the flight.

A flight attendant is suspended after being filmed eating leftover meals on an Urumqi Air flight en route to north-central China. In the mobile phone footage, the attendant was seen eating from a row of 15 leftover meal boxes at the catering section.

Urumqi Air has issued an official statement following the incident. In its statement, Urumqi Air explained that the food was leftovers from a flight and the worker had been suspended for not following standard procedure. They also confirmed that the air hostess filmed her action for ‘entertaining purposes’.

“We confirmed that the air hostess shown in the video to be one of our employees at Urumqi Air. The flight attendant had been handling the leftovers accordingly and had seriously violated our company’s regulations,” the statement read.

The low-budget, domestic airline company posted a claimant hours later, stating the in-flight food safety regulations that all remaining and uneaten food should be recycled.

The incident had caused wide discussions on Weibo as some believed the punishment was too harsh.

One netizen wrote: “In this situation, I think what is most disgusting is the person that posted the video.”

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