Painter’s Artworks Look like High-Definition Photos for Its Intricacy and Extreme Detail


You have to take a second look to believe it is actually a painting!

With the evolution of cameras, pictures are getting clearer and more alive. And as pictures improved throughout the years, more and more people believe that art is getting farther from matching up with technology. However, one painter proves that human is capable of doing whatever machines can.

Many people could only dream of painting realism—to create a painting that looks “real” or in which the subject looks as it does in real life. It’s only when you’re up close that you see the skillful manipulation of color, tone, and perspective used to create the illusion of reality.

Chinese painter, Leng Jun, an influential Chinese contemporary artist is a modern day master at shadowing and making hyper-realistic paintings. Just look at these pictures and try to imagine the deftness of touch and the incredible skill needed to produce them.

Jun, born in 1963 in Sichuan, China, achieves such perfection in showing immense emotions in his paintings through intricate details. Jun is a supremely skilled draughtsman.

With this at hand, instead of life imitating art, due to Jun’s understanding of the achievements of the camera and his ability to reduplicate its effects, we now have one art imitating another art.

Jun graduated from Wuhan Normal College in 1984, since which time he has been living in Beijing. It is from here that he operates his magisterial studio, bringing these young ladies’ images to life.

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