Made in the Philippines: World-Class Luxury Bags Brand ‘Coach’ Made in a Pinoy Factory


The luxury bags are made in a factory of 11,000 workers.

Luxury clothes and bags have made their way to houses around the world, and successful people are taking these brands as a symbol of their success.

On brand that is popularly known around the world for its craftsmanship are Coach Bags. This brand has been around for decades and continues to grow in popularity due to their superior craftsmanship and classic style.

Look around, and you’ll likely see women wherever you go carrying Coach Handbags or accessories. Coach has a rich history that dates back to 1941. They were founded under the name Manhattan Leather Bags by Lillian and Miles Cahn.

The very first bags were made from tan, supple, high-quality leather and featured excellent stitch work and craftsmanship.

But what many people don’t is that some Coach Bags are made in the Philippines. “Did you know that COACH bags are made in the Philippines?” TV personality Korina Sanchez posted on Facebook, along with photos of the bags inside a factory.

Apparently, 11,000 Filipino employees are manufacturing the global high-end bag in a factory in Pampanga.

When her post went viral, many netizens revealed that many luxury brands are actually made in the Philippines. One user shared, “Dati akong empleyado sa pabrika ng panty, six months contract… dyan sa Laguna Industrial Park. VS, CK, CHANNEL at Kung anu-ano pa, pang export quality.”

(I used to work for a factory manufacturing undergarments for six months in Laguna Industrial Park. [They] produce Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Chanel and much more for export quality.)

In May 2012, Rappler reported that Chinese firm FCF Manufacturing was setting up a factory in Bataan. According to the report, FCF Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Fashion Focus, which is a manufacturer and a major supplier of Coach Bags for 30 years.

Aside from the plant in Bataan, another coach subcontractor – D’Luxe Bag Philippines of the Luen Thai Group – is operating in Tarlac.

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