Filipino Overseas Worker Becomes Instant Millionaire for Winning $32.7 Million in Canadian Lottery


One Filipino became an instant millionaire for winning the lottery in Canada.   Working two years as an OFW, he is now thinking how he would wisely spend the money which he had just won.

The lucky 41-year-old worker named Patrick Estacio had won $32.7 million (P1.2 billion) in the 6/49 lotto. His chosen number combination was 06-09-30-37-43-49.

According to Estacio, he never thought he would win the jackpot price after purchasing the lottery ticket.   In fact, he just learned that he won the lottery when a staff of the ticket outlet informed him.

“By buying a lottery ticket, I do not expect to win the jackpot.”

Based on reports, Estacio works two job to support himself in Canada and was staying in a boarding house in Montreal.

Perhaps, winning the lottery may be the right time for him to take a break from working too hard and have a well-deserved relaxation as he enjoys the pleasures of being the world’s newest millionaire!