Get ready for awards season with this 6-minute 2017 movie mashup



Ever reach Oscars night and realize you don’t know who any of the nominees are? Well thanks to YouTube, there’s a cheat sheet this year.

YouTuber Sleepy Skunk edited together a six-minute extended trailer that can catch you up on everything 2017 had to offer movies-wise. It? He’s there. Get Out? You betcha. Even Bad Moms Christmas gets a shoutout.

You’ll go from knowing nothing about Mother! to knowing that Jennifer Lawrence was in Mother! Just enough info for holiday party small talk:

There’s no prestige quotient for getting into this reel, though, so just know that the goofy Fast and Furious automated car attack is edited in right next to an iconic Wonder Woman battle.

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You can find a complete list of the movies shown on Sleepy Skunk’s Tumblr.

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