An OFW Escapes Jail after Being Found Guilty of Assault Because of Jealousy


A Filipina domestic helper was found guilty of causing bodily harm against her former boyfriend and another woman. She was sentenced with 3 months imprisonment but then had escaped after the sentence was suspended for two years.

Remalyn Aguinaldo, a 32-year-old domestic helper and a single mother pleaded guilty before the Kowloon city magistrate for charges of damage to property and two counts of assault. Because of her employer’s appeal, her sentence was suspended; thus, she had escaped from being put behind bars.

According to reports, after midnight of September 6, a South Asian named Abdel Mohid came home drunk so he was helped back to his room by a certain Suliani and another woman who lived next door. It was learned that Mohid was Aguinaldo’s former boyfriend.

Later on, Aguinaldo arrived yelling and shouting at Mohid.  When Mohid locked up his door, Aguinaldo continued yelling at the door but then he just ignored her.

Seemed like she isn’t done yet, Aguinaldo kicked the door several times until the lower part of it was broken and she was able to enter through the gaping hole.

When she was already inside, she allegedly slapped Mohid and clawed his chest as she turned to Suliano and hit her with a shoe extender. When Suliani fell on the floor, Aguinaldo kicked her head and body.

Shortly, a certain woman called the police who then came to the scene and even saw Aguinaldo still attacking Suliani.

Report showed that Mohid suffered injuries on his face and chest while Suliani acquired injuries on her head, chest and hands.

During the first litigation, the defense lawyer of Aguinaldo had already pleaded guilty for the defendant.  She then offered Mohid $2,000 for the damaged door and $200 each for both him and Suliani.

Meanwhile, Aguinaldo’s employer wrote a letter to the court to attest to the fact that Aguinaldo had been a good employee and that she did not have any bad record in the past.  The employer also said that what Aguinaldo did was not the kind of character that they had known of her.

Magistrate Veronica Heung said that Aguinaldo’s case called for a custodial case.  However, considering her employers recommendation, the magistrate suspended her sentence.  But then, Aguinaldo was required to pay $2,000 to Mohid for the damaged property and $700 each of him and Suliani for their injuries.

Apparently, Aguinaldo came to Hong Kong a year and a half ago to work as a domestic helper to support her 16-year-old daughter in the Philippines.

As of press time, the whereabouts of Aguinaldo were unknown after her escape.