Woman Inspires Many with Her Transformation after Losing Her Daughter and Her Legs In a Quake


She lost her mother-in-law, her daughter, and her legs on during the tragedy of the 2008 Sichuan killer quake.

2008 was a devastating year for Liao Zhi, a dancer who lived with her daughter and husband. Liao Chi was a dance teacher in Sichuan, China. Before the earthquake, her life with dance and 10-month-old daughter seemed perfect.

After the earthquake rolling over their area, her family was buried underground, three floors deep. Her daughter and mother-in-law soon died after the collapse, while her legs were stuck for quite some time.

She was once thinking of giving up in the mud though her father was continuously having a conversation while digging. She was buried so deep underground that no one could really help on site. As her father and other rescuers tried hard to dig her up, aftershocks followed.

The Sichuan killer quake that struck has left her devastated after she tragically lost her daughter, her mother-in-law, and her legs. And instead of helping her cope with the depression and physical challenges, her husband decided to leave her for good.

But Liao never gave up on life. Not only did she manage to keep dancing, she and her dance partner beat dozens of performers from around China to win the first-runner-up prize in CCTV reality show “Dance out My Life” in 2013.

When another earthquake struck China 5 years later, Lian volunteered to help those who were affected by the quake, remembering how devastating it was for her. She was determined to help them even in her prosthetic legs.

Years after her failed marriage, she finally met the man who truly loved her, and they tied the knot soon after. Despite losing both her legs, Liao was able to stand up and show people that everything is possible with determination and motivation.

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