Two Different Families Show ‘Family Love’ in One Viral Photo That Touched the Hearts of Many


The photo perfectly shows parents’ love for their child, and a son’s love for his father in one side.

Social media has become a platform where pictures and videos become viral after users share the content. While some photos are posted to shame others, this photo has touched the hearts of many with its depiction of real family love.

The photo was shared by Facebook user Restoris A. Fatiha and has already been shared over 9,400 times and received over 2,400 comments as of this article’s writing. The reactions were mostly from netizens deeply touched by the two very different displays of affection between parents and their children, set perfectly side-by-side on an Indonesian train.

Restoris was on his way back from Kutuarjo to Solo, Indonesia and he took the early morning train at 6.20 am. There he saw a man hugging his father, who rested his head on his son’s lap as they travelled. As Restoris was taking a photo of the father and son, another family was captured in the photo. A couple together with their child were happily taken a picture, with genuine smiles plastered all over their faces. Both forms of love were taken in one, amazing photo that captured the hearts of many.

Restoris wrote about the heart-warming scene in his Facebook status:

“Love your parents, as your parents have loved you, raised you, educated you and taken care of you with all their hearts.”

“I saw something which really made me miss my parents. It touched me so deeply and I wanted to shed a few tears. It is an action that seems normal but can be truly meaningful for the people who witness it.”

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