Man in Tears after Taking First-ever Wedding Photo with His Wife of 80 Years


They have been married for 80 years, but they do not have a single photo to remember it by.

Thanks to the development and evolution of cameras, people nowadays can take pictures of their daily lives, forever freezing memories in time. But despite being married for 80 years, Song Qinglin and his wife from Anhui Province, China never had a single wedding-photo to commemorate the most special day in both their lives.

The couple of 80 years would go for a morning walk every day, despite having a hard time because of their age. They had always been taking morning walks every day, and they have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Many people envied their ‘perfect’ relationship that lasted for decades, but Qinglin was actually regretful of one thing: he and his wife never had a wedding photo.

When they first got married, Qinglin didn’t have money to have his beautiful wedding photograph taken. Because of his situation then, his wedding dinner was just a small feast of 3 vegetable dishes. After hearing about the couple’s story, locals and neighbors worked together to make Qinglin’s dream come true. When the 103-year-old man first saw his wife clothed in a stunning white wedding dress, he couldn’t help but tear up.

After fighting with tears for a while, he said with a muffled voice, “After all these years…. I owed her a lot…”

“No matter how many years have passed, no matter how much wrinkles you have on your face, no matter how white your hair might be, I will still hold your hands in mine and continue walking together for the rest of our lives.”


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