Cruel Man Freezes Dog to death by pouring Water Over it and leaving it in -32C Temperatures


Rescuers were able to reach and free the frozen dog, but they later needed to put her down as she was already dying from hypothermia.

Every pet is precious to their owner. Dogs have been very useful in the past years as they are used to track criminals and guard the house—with some canines even known on the internet to have saved a life or two. But how do humans respond to these animals’ good deeds?

Sadly, we’ve seen people hurting, killing, and even consuming these precious animals. They are sometimes left in the streets to starve and die, while some suffer from abuse inside homes. Recently, one cruel dog owner in Russia froze his dog to death by pouring cold water over the animal and putting it outside in the minus 32C cold.

Rescuers were able to reach the whimpering animal alive. However, the dog’s body was already encased in ice, in its outdoor kennel in Yakutsk, the coldest city in the world. Heartbreaking images show the female white dog, eyes still open and frightened, pathetically waving its paw pleading for release, as the rest of her body was frozen solid to the iced ground.

The animal activist volunteers in managed to save and free the poor animal and rush it to the vet. Sadly, the dog was suffering from effects of extreme hypothermia, and the doctors could no longer save her. To end her agony, all they could do was to put her down.

A female volunteer said: “The eyes, I will never forget them. Did you ever see a man who wanted to live but who was already dying? The dog had exactly the same eyes, understanding everything, just unable to explain.”

The activists have demanded action against the owner, with a petition signed by 10,000 Russians.

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