News in Ghana: 4 Ghanaians that suddenly became popular

News in Ghana is full of new names. This and the last years these people were unknown to the public but have made waves once. Many Ghanaians have become famous through different ways. Some become are popular thanks to the talent of an actor or musician, while the others acquired fame via social media. Our post today is about Ghanaians who now enjoy fame and have one thing in common – they were generally unknown to the audience of our country before some particular event in their lives.

We have created a compilation of people who recently became more or less popular out of nowhere.

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News in Ghana1

Big Shaq

Now it is hard to find a person who has not heard about Shaq. His hilarious song “Man’s not hot” became a real hit. It was thought of as a joke at first but has gained the popularity very quickly. Big Shaq created a funny video for this song, now it has more than 80 million of views on YouTube. If you haven’t watched it yet, you definitely should. Follow news in Ghana to be the first to know about Big Shaq’s new hit.News in Ghana2

Nana Appiah Mensah

This name is not new for the Ghanaian public, but Nana Appiah Mensah really started to make waves when Zylofone Media concluded a contract with him. The signing of some of the contracts had brought a lot of money to the celebrity, so he managed to acquire a private jet.News in Ghana3


The rise of Patapaa’s popularity is connected to the fraught with adversity and his hit song “One Corner.” While it keeps gaining popularity, the song itself and the dance routine have been described by many as obscene and vulgar. However, Patapaa’s “One Corner” still makes people dancing on many Ghanaian parties.News in Ghana4

Rashida Black Beauty

This girl became popular for the first time after the shared Facebook message. She went on to win a People’s Choice Award. Rashida Black Beauty insulted her ex-boyfriend who left her for another woman. Since then, Rashida has made the other news headlines.

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