A Same-Sex Couple Are Fighting Back After Instagram Deleted Their Photo And Hashtag

This is Jana and Veronica, and their son, Alex. Veronica is the creator and owner of Oh!MamiBlue, a cooking and lifestyle blog. The blog has a hugely popular Instagram account where the family details their lives.

Recently, Veronica shared a family portrait on her Instagram account. The photo showed the two moms in bed with their child.

IG: Oh!MamiBlue

“On Instagram, it is common for other accounts about LGBT+, love, or just inspirational lifestyle content to repost our pictures,” said Veronica. This means some of their content ends up reaching a lot more people.

The photograph was reposted by an account with more than 200,000 followers. After being spread, the photo was reported as inappropriate and was taken down by Instagram. Veronica explains that, even though the account tried to re-upload the photograph on numerous occasions, it was again reported and taken down.

When Instagram removed her photo, Veronica asked for help through her Instagram Stories.

IG: OhMamyBlue

“I raised the question: ‘I only see love, what about you?’, because that’s what is shown in the image: a family,” said Veronica.

Following its publication, people began to protest the deletion of the picture, sharing their own photos or photos of the couple using the hashtag #Yosoloveoamor – I Only See Love.

But at the same time, peoople reported the hashtag #Yosoloveoamor, which was also blocked by Instagram, as Veronica showed in her Instagram Stories.

Both Veronica and Jana understand that, due to a massive number of reports, Instagram temporarily and automatically removes a picture or a particular hashtag.

“This is not nonsense: it is a crime. Homophobia is punished and it’s something that can’t be accepted.”

“We are a happy family and we are strong, these things no longer hurt us, but there are people right now who take their own lives because of things like these, there are people being bullied, harassed and beaten just for being LGBT+”.

The family didn’t give up. After the deleted photo and hashtag, they have created a third one, #BorraIGdehomófobos – Delete homophobes – where many LGBT+ people have shared pictures kissing or photos of their wedding day.

“A social network must unite people. It’s a network, and its purpose is to create links, it cannot serve to generate hatred or be just something superficial. It must help unite us, support us, and someone has to realize that these things can cause a lot of pain,” said Veronica.

“You’re deleting a picture of a family, can you tell me what’s wrong with it?”

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Instagram for comment.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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