10-year-old Girl Works at a Construction Site to Support Her Grandparents


After her father died in a tragic accident, her mother ran away with another man.

Adolescents often spend time with friends and make the best out of their youthful lives by making these memories, while others study hard for a brighter future. But this 10-year-old girl could neither study nor spend time with friends, as she is working menial jobs at to support her old grandparents.

Apparently, her father had died in a tragic accident soon before her mother ran away with another man. In an instant, she became the sole guardian of both her grandparents, who were both too old to work. Even though the minimum age for work in other countries is 16, many children are involved in child labor before that.

She said, “Never mind. I need money to pay for my grandparents’ hospital bill and medicine.”

In fact, some children work in hazardous fields, where they are vulnerable to injuries and other torments. But for this girl, working in a construction site was a blessing to her impoverished family.

She further added, “It was better for me to work under the sun than letting my grandparents become sick.”

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