Netizens Touched by Young Woman’s Selfless Act of Helping an Elderly Woman Asking for Help


Apparently, some netizens claimed to have encountered the old woman, who would often sell whatever she can just to make enough money for her family.

In the Philippines, having close family ties is one of the traits Filipinos have that other countries admire. Filipinos are known to take care of the elderly and keep them close until old age making it natural for people to see children and grandchildren working hard for their grandparents. This is why seeing old people working can be heart-breaking.

Facebook user Yev Yaña Vasquez was about to go to school when she noticed an old woman crying behind their house. Yev, her mother, and her brother approached the old woman and asked her what was wrong. The old woman had a chicken in one hand and offered it to them for sale. Apparently, she needed the money for her grandchildren.

One netizen identified her as lola Marcela from Cabaroan, Tayum, Abra. According to other netizens, lola Marcela would often roam the streets, bringing fruits and vegetables to be sold to people willing to help her.

Based on Yev’s Facebook post, lola Marcela had lost her husband a long time ago, and she was the only one left to raise her grandchildren. In addition to that, her grandchildren’s father was stabbed to death, while their mother went to Manila to work and send money to them. However, the children’s mother doesn’t send regularly, prompting lola Marcela to work and earn money for their everyday needs.

Yev and her family helped lola Marcela by buying the chicken, and giving her a little extra. Yev shared her story on Facebook, hoping someone would help lola Marcela.

Today I witnessed a heartbreaking story of an old woman. Let me share it to you… Bago ako pumasok sa school, may…

Posted by Yev Yaña L. Vasquez on Monday, November 20, 2017

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