Horrified Mom Warns Other Parents after She Discovered Something inside Her Toddler’s Nose


She suspects that the foreign object has been inside her daughter’s nose for over a month.

Babies and toddlers often put anything and everything they see in their mouths, increasing the chance of choking and suffocating on them. But what some parents do not know is that toddlers love to put things up their nose too—and this can be extremely dangerous.

Parents should always keep an eye on their children. Never let them play with small items that they can put into their mouths and choke on. Aside from small toy parts, children below 5 years of age should also avoid eating food with small, hard pieces as they could choke on them too. Likewise, letting them play with toys that include small parts can be dangerous when they stuff things inside their noses.

Unfortunately, there are times when parents do not notice children putting something in their mouth or nose, resulting in emergency situations, or even death in extreme situations. There have been many cases wherein children accidentally swallow things or stuff things inside their noses without their parents noticing it—and the results can be terribly devastating.


Fortunately for Facebook user Mikee Mae Timpug, she was able to bring her daughter to the hospital before anything worse could’ve happened. According to Timpug, her daughter has been having on and off fever for more than a month, but showed no other symptoms. They were baffled until she noticed something whenever her daughter breathed.

Timpug noticed that her daughter would give off a wheezing sound whenever she breathed. Thinking that her daughter’s nose might be clogged, Timpug would clean it with cotton and a little bit of oil. However, the whistling sound didn’t disappear. It was until she used a flashlight to check her daughter’s nose that she realized what was wrong. Apparently, her daughter had a foreign object stuck inside her nose.

Excuse na lang po sa left nose nya yung right na butas palang nalinisan ko hehehe

Posted by Mikee Mae Timpug on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

When Timpug tried to extract the object herself, her daughter cried in pain. In addition to that, the toddler claimed that even her ears hurt. They soon rushed her daughter to the hospital, where doctors said she should be ‘thankful’ that the object stuck in her daughter’s nose was plastic. If the object had been metal, the doctor said that they would’ve sliced her nose open.

Timpug shared her terrifying experience on Facebook to warn other parents. It is always better to check your children’s nose every now and then.


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