Woman’s Kind-hearted Act towards Barefooted Quail Egg Vendor Touches the Hearts of Many


She noticed that the young boy was flustered upon entering the bus, and he had no shoes nor slippers to protect his feet.

In the Philippines, it is common to see children selling whatever they can in the streets. Because of poverty, they are forced to help their parents make money for the survival of the family. While other children are spending quality time with friends and classmates, some children are facing different kinds of dangers in the streets.

Facebook user Mary Joy Bernal Reyes was always fond of children, and it was heart-breaking for her to see a young boy selling quail eggs in a bus. To make things worse, the child had no protection on his feet as he was barefooted. She also noticed that the boy was flustered as he entered the bus.

Instead of offering his quail eggs to passengers, the Reyes noticed that he rushed towards the back of the bus. When the boy was about to get off, Reyes managed to call him and ask what he was selling. The boy was obviously preoccupied that he didn’t immediately answer the woman’s question. After a few moments, he told Reyes that each pack cost P15. Instead of buying Reyes gave the money instead.

As the boy was about to get off, he looked back at Reyes and said “Thank You.”

Reyes then realized she was to get off as well. Once off the bus, she called the boy and asked him why he didn’t have any slippers. The boy then told her that several “rugby boys” were after him, hence his flustered look when he entered the bus. According to the young boy, he was so scared for his own safety.

Reyes offered to give a pair of slippers she coincidentally had with her, but it was too small for the boy. She instead gave him money to buy a pair. She was so fond of the boy that she wanted to treat her to food, but she had to go somewhere at that time. All she could do was to wish that she could meet the young boy some time again, so that they could enjoy a meal together.

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