Young CEO Offers $10,000 Reward to Whoever Sets Him up with a Woman He Can Date


Now a successful businessman, all he wants is a lifetime companion.

Almost everybody has the same goal in mind: to make good money and have a family to celebrate that success with. Though 30-year-old Joe Cohen has finally become successful as a young CEO of a California based company called SelfHacked, he is yet to look for a suitable partner in life.

“I approached women on the street. I tried out bars and venues, activities, meet-ups and other events. No luck,” he said.

To make things work out, and he is now offering $10,000 to whoever points him in the right direction. He is also offering $2,000 to anyone who can introduce him to someone else who can connect him with a woman. Using his own website, he describes himself and puts everything you need and want to know about the young CEO.

“I get a lot of traffic through this website. If I advertise here, I can have a broad reach. I figured if I offer a monetary reward for people to set me up, then that reach will exponentially expand the number of people who see this post,” he said.

He also mentions that he will only pay out the reward if he successfully dates the woman for at least four months. That is apparently the amount of time it takes Cohen to get to know someone, and will also protect him against women just looking to earn some money.

Do you know somebody who fits?

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