Egyptian Celebrity Laughs at a Filipino on National TV for Mispronouncing Certain Words


Countries have different languages.  And in each country, there are small regions, provinces or districts, whichever applies as we call them differently.

As in the case of the Philippines, we have regions where there are provinces whose people do have a dialect of their own as their native language apart from “Filipino” as our national language.

People may have a different accent as we are brought differently because of our environment which form part of who we are and our personality.  That itself is innate and natural and should be self-explanatory and is understandable.

However, some people make fun of people whose pronunciation is different from how they pronounce words or the way words should be properly pronounced even if they were referring to the same.

Pronunciation involves accent which varies from one person to another depending on nationality or race.

Recently, a video about an Egyptian celebrity who was guested in the national TV show “Lahonwas” had gone viral after she laughed about a Filipino using the English language with a different accent according to Readers portal

Apparently, the Filipino was talking with a customer in Dubai.

Celebrity Mais Hamdan demonstrated:

“How are you Ma’am and Sir?”

“Good morning!”

“How are you today?”

“Marry Christmas.”  (instead of Merry Christmas)

“Ma’am, today we have a new collaction.” (which should be collection)

“You can buy everything at 50%.  Ma’am, we that one in black and that one in yellow.”

“No Ma’am, we don’t have red in that one.  If you want that one Ma’am,I will call my supervisor, and get from the other store.  I will ask that one.”

“Ma’am, if you come back tomorrow, that 50% will finish.”

“Ma’am, you’re so pretty.”

“Oh, my God, she is so pretty.”

Hamdan then laughed at the accent of the Filipino with host Hicham Haddad until they were able to bring the whole audience into laughter.

Meanwhile, some netizens who had seen the post said they felt hurt that a Filipino was being laughed at for mispronouncing some words.

Others who were open-minded said that it’s just fair since some Filipinos also make fun with other nationalities who mispronounced foreign words.

For whatever reasons there may be, it’s always better that we are aware of our differences.  Because it is in knowing our differences that we will learn the meaning of “respect” and “understanding” as we embrace “diversity”.

If you were the Filipino being laughed at because of your accent, how would you feel about it?

Mais Hamdan is a famous Arab Jordanian actress and singer. She was born in the United Arab Emirates where she spent most of her childhood then moved to Egypt where she and her family settled up to date. This gave Mais the opportunity of perfecting so many Arabic Accents (Saudi, Kuwaiti, Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese and of course Egyptian)

See video below :